Late Roman AE coin type sets by emperor in chronological order,
Valentinian through Theodosius II and Valentinian III (364 - 450 AD)

   Issuer. Prominent issuers are in bold type. Issuers are listed here in chronological order.
      ↓          (some have the type set listed, but not illustrated)

Valentinian I, 364-375 [Type set, illustrated]
Valens, 364-378 [Type set, illustrated]
Procopius, 365-366 [Type set, illustrated]
Gratian, 367-383  [Type set, illustrated]
Valentinian II, 375-392  [Type set, illustrated]
Theodosius, 379-395  [Type set, illustrated]
Aelia Flaccilla, wife of Theodosius and mother of Arcadius and Honorius [Type set, illustrated]
Magnus Maximus, 383-388 [Type set, illustrated]
Flavius Victor, 387-388 [Type 36, his only AE type] 
Eugenius, 392-394 [Type 12 and Type 43
Arcadius, 383-408 [Type set, illustrated]
Eudoxia, wife of Arcadius [Type set and history, illustrated]
   (A different Eudoxia, daughter of Theodosius II and wife of Valentinian III, did not have AE coins).
Honorius, 393-423 [Type set, illustrated]
Galla Placidia, 423-425 daughter of Theodosius, mother of V3 [Type 62, Type 65, and Type 66
Constantine III, 407-411 [Type 3A, 4 - doubtful]
Priscus Attalus, 409-415 [Type 50
Maximus, 410-411 [Type 58 and Type 59
Johannes, 423-425 [Type 55 and Type 60
Theodosius II, 402-450 [Type set, illustrated]
Eudocia, wife of Theodosius II [Type 62
Pulcheria, daughter of Arcadius, regent for Theodosius II [Type 62 and Type 56 (doubtful)]
Valentinian III, 425-455 [Type set, illustrated]


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