Type 36:  AE4.  SPES ROMANORVM. Camp gate, with star between two turrets. 387-388.
Only for Magnus Maximus and his son, Flavius Victor.

Flavius Victor
14-13 mm. 1.16 grams.

RIC Aquileia 55b

(Magnus Maximus images are below).

mint RIC MM FV
Tr 87 S R
Lug 36 S R
Ar 29 C S
Aq 55 S S
Rome 59 R  

RIC photos:  MM-III.14 (Tr), FV-V.14 (Ar).

Cayon  MM-24 (2 photos, Ar, Aq), FV-8 (3 photos, Aq, Ar, Tr)
Hunter FV-88.FV8.

Magnus Maximus:

Magnus Maximus
15-14 mm.  6:00. 1.53 grams.
RIC Aquileia 55a2

This type is common.

Magnus Maximus

Magnus Maximus

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