Type 43:  AE4.  Small, 12-13mm.  SPES ROMANORVM. Victory advancing left, holding wreath and palm.
Spring 393-September 394. Only for Eugenius.

13 mm. 1.06 grams.

RIC Aquileia 59.

This type is rare. 


mint RIC T E
Aq 59 - R
Rome 65 5* 4

No photos in RIC.
* Rome 65a, "R5" for Theodosius, has a footnote: "Ulrich-Bansa thinks this to be a copy in aes of no. 66 [a siliqua], which he suspects of being a forgery by Cigoi." I have delisted the Theodosius piece on the main page and put it in Table 2A as type 2A6. Rome 65b, for Eugenius, has three citations and must exist.

Cayon, Eugenius 14(1), 15(1). 14 is said to be, and pictures, an AE3 of 17mm. I think this is not an AE3, but merely an accidental enlargement.
Hunter --.

Auction examples of Aq 59 for Eugenius: NAC B (2/1992) lot 229, EF and off-center with some weakness. 380 Swiss Francs + 15%.
Lanz 30 (11/1984) lot 873, VF+ but very ragged and missing some legend, 500 DM + 12%. 


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