Type 60:  AE4.  SALVS REIPVBLICAE (often not fully spelled out)
Victory advancing left, drags captive
60     Johannes, Rome
Struck for Johannes and Theodosius II, only at Rome.
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This is a revivial of Type 39, issued earlier from AD 388-403.

RIC X, 1912-1923, all of Rome, 6 varieties for T2 (3,R,3,4,4,4) (1 photo), 6 for Johannes (3,S,3,2,4,3) (3 photos).

Cayon J-7 (1 photo, mm off), T2--.

Johannes reigned 20 November 423 to May 425.
This type was issued at Rome which was in control of Johannes. It has a distinct crude style.

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