Roman emperor Valentinian III, 425-455, ancient coin type set
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Table of all copper types for Valentinian III
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Type Description (The link is to an illustration below
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illustration for Valentinian III)

Type Rarity
3-4 VICTORIA AVGG(G)   Vict. adv. l 55 S
4 VRTVS ROMANORVM   emp w st, shield 64 R4
4 SALVS REIPVBLICAE   thick cross 65 R4
4 SALVS REIPVBLICE   Vict adv l 66 S
4 CONCORDIA AVG Vict facing w two wreaths 67 R3
4 Cross in wreath (or cross-rho) 68 R
3 VICTORIA AVGG   Vict holds strd/trophy  w captive 69 R2
4 VICTORIA AVGG    Vict drags captive 70 R2
4 VOT PVB  camp gate 71 S
4 VOT / XX in wreath 72 R
4 VICTORIA AVGG,  2 Victs holding one wreath 73 R
2 CONCORDIA AGV   2 emps with long cross 75 R4
3/4 VOT / XV in wreath 77 R
3/4 VICTO AVG  emp w. captive (various spellings) 78 R
4 VICTORIA AVG   emp Virtus? l, globe and spear 79 S
4 VICTORIA AVG  Vict. left, wreath, palm 80 S
4 [VICTORIA] AVGVST  camp gate 81 R4
4 CASTRA(N)   camp gate 82 C
4 ROMA   gateway, star above 83 R4


Type 55:  AE4.  VICTORIA AVGG(G)
Victory advancing left with wreath and palm, sometimes with christogram in right field
410-423, 425-?c.430  [RIC, p.172, different dates for different emperors.]


Valentinian III
AE12. 12:00. 1.52 grams.
RIC X 2121. Discussed page 173.
Struck c. 430.

Primarily at Rome
    All Type 55 images on one page.
Also struck for Honorius, Theodosius II, and Johannes. See Type 55 for more discussion and images.

There is an similar, earlier, VICTORIA AVGG type (type 44). Type 55 is usually of crude style compared to type 12 (GGG) and type 44 (GG).

Type 64: VRTUS ROMANORVM  [sic]
emperor standing with standard and shield, sometimes star in field left
late 420's  [DO, p. 239]

[no photo, type not confirmed to exist for Valentinian III]

One is on the site of the Royal Library of Belgium:

Trier only. Issued for Theodosius II. See Type 64 for more discussion and images.
RIC 2165 (Theodosius II, R4) and 2166 (Valentinian III, R4), p. 381.
"Supposed parallel pieces in the name of Valentinian III have not been confirmed, and the issue may be part of the western coinage for Theodosius alone." RIC p. 172. This type is not dated in the RIC list or discussion.


Thick cross
425-?c.430  [RIC, p. 172]
[no photo]  Struck for Galla Placidia and Valentinian III. Here is one for Galla Placidia:

RIC "This is essentially Placidia's type," p. 173.  When in Valentinians's name, it is "always PLA". p. 173.
Galla Placidia till 27 Nov. 450.
    See Type 65 for more discussion.


Type 66:  AE4.  SALVS REIPVBLICE [usually crude with very abbreviated reverse legend]
Victory advancing left holding weath and palm.
425-?c.430  [RIC X, p. 172-3]

Type 66

Valentinian III
11-10 mm
1.085 grams
Reverse legend very abbreviated, as usual
RIC X, 2108, page 376, plate 53


Also struck for Placidia. See Type 66 for more discussion.

RIC X 2107-8 for Valentinian III "Rome, R4, S" page 376 (1 photo, plate 53.2108) and 2109 for Placidia "R3" page 376 (1 photo, plate 53.2109).
"This is the first substantive issue of the reign... suggests a very early date. p. 173. "425-?c.430" p.172.


Victory facing with two wreaths
Struck 425-435


  Valentinian III
   12 mm. 1.37 grams. 1:00.
   in ex: SMKA
   RIC X 438 page 274, discussed page 92f.

Struck in the East for Theodosius II, with a few for Valentinian III.  See Type 67 for more discussion and images.

RIC p. 92, discusses, but does not date, this type. The dates 425-435 are from the listing on page 274.
RIC X 2134 (AE3, Rome, R5, for Valentinian III) has this type with legend VICTORIA AVGG. See the supplemental list.


Type 68:  AE3-4.  no legend
Cross in wreath
425-435, 440-455  [RIC earlier for Theodosius II, later for Valentinian III]   408-419  [DO]

Val III 

Valentinian III
12mm. 12:00.
Image courtesy of an anonymous friend.
Very rare.


Also struck for Theodosius II.
This type is common for Theodosius II but rare in nice condition, and when it is, it is usually from Cyzicus.
Ths type is rare for Valentinian III and very rare in nice condition.
See Type 68 for more discussion and images.


Type 69:  AE3/4.  VICTORIA AVGG
Victory left, head right, holding vertical standard or trophy and resting left hand on crouching captive (right)
?c.430-?c.437  [RIC, p. 173-4]

[no image]

Only for Valentinian III.

RIC says, "This is a rare type [at Rome]." "[The type with Victory holding wreath with captive, type 70] is a much commoner type than the Victory, trophy, and captive series." RIC p. 174  "?c.430-?c.437" p. 173.
RIC X lists 2151 as a "[SALVS REI]PVBLICA" legend with this design. p.380.  "Very rare" p. 174.


Victory advancing left, holding wreath and dragging a captive.
?c.430-?c.437  [RIC, p. 173-4]

[no image]

Only for Valentinian III.
Very similar to type 67, which has Victory holding a trophy and dragging a captive.
See Type 70 for more discussion.

Type 71:  AE4.  VOT PVB
Gateway with turrets, usually with officina number between. Also known as "camp gate" or "city gate".
?c.430-?c.437 [RIC p. 173]    435? [DO]


Valentinian III,

Only for Valentinian III. Only at Rome.  See Type 71 for more discussion.
RIC says,   "A gateway may denote an imperial Adventus, but it is worth noting that earthquakes in 429 and 443 gave rise to considerable concern about the walls and other public buildings in the city." "The legend, which specifically refers to the festival of 3 January, was often associated with consular issues." RIC p. 173. "All bronzes of this period omit PLA [in the obverse elgend]" RIC p. 173.
DOC 852 says "it is not clear to which occasion the inscription belongs (435?)" p. 239. "there is an alternative legend CAS-TRA" (Type 82) p.239 [which is always crude and rarely clear].


Type 72:  AE4 (12 mm).  VOT / XX  in wreath, Q below
434-435  [RIC, p. 173]   444  [DO, p. 239]
"AE3 [sic]" (but only 12 mm), page 378.

V3V3 type 72


   Valentinian III
   13 mm. 1.83 grams. 6:00.
   RIC X, 2130

Only for Valentinian III.  See Type 72 for more discussion.
Riac says, "The mintmarks, RPM or a simple officina number, suggest that this type interrupts the VOT PVB series. It probably dates to 434-5, and is not uncommon." [RIC p. 173.]
Note that type 77, with "XV" has a photo where the "V" might almost be an "X". I'm not convinced that type 73 is different.

Comment for collectors:  It can be called "scarce" in the sense there are many examples, but they are almost all in terrible condition.  I'd call examples as good as this one "very rare" and it is fair to call the type "rare" as a whole. However, AEs from this late period are not highly collected by reverse type and it is not highly valuable.

DO 853, "formally dated to 444" p. 239.

Two Victories holding one wreath
?c.430-?c.437  [RIC p. 173]
   Valentinian III, Rome
Only for Valentinian III.
RIC 2131-2132 distinguishes two styles:  good and normal. "R" and "S", from Rome, plate 53 (2 photos, AE12), p. 378. Mint mark RM.
"Although ... [this type] always has an officina number, this is placed at the top of the die. In consequence, it is often missing in whole or in part from the flan and is seldom recorded in publications, which do not always distinguish it from a similar issue of Theodosius I, in which each Victory holds a separate wreath [Type 33]." RIC p. 173.


Type 75AE2.  CONCORDIA AGV [sic, it is a misspelling]
Two emperors, each with spear, with long cross between
Obv:  Emperor right in plumed helmet and holding forward-pointing spear.
? 437  [RIC, p. 276]

Valentinian III

  22-21 mm. 6:00. 5.13 grams.
  RIC X 461, plate 17.461
"The large bronze of Valentinian III," by Korshenko, Gorshkov, and Holmes, in NC 1995, p.271-275, and plate 48 (two photos and two line drawings).
"most of these coins were in bad and very bad condition. Usually only a few characters and a part of the type were visible." "There are more than 150 specimens ... known to us from Cherson." Constantinople mint mark, but all of known provenence were found near Cherson.

The mintmark "CON" does not, for this issue, guarantee it was struck in Constantinople. There remains scholarly dispute.


Type 77:  AE4 (12-13 mm).  VOT / XV  in wreath
c. 440  [RIC, p. 174]

V3 type 77V3 type 77



Valentinian III
Blundered obverse legend, as usual
RIC X, 2140
12 mm. 1.79 grams. 6:00.


Only for Valentinian III.  See Type 77 for more discussion.
Note that the RIC photo, with "XV" has a photo where the "V" might almost be an "X" and the type then looks like Type 72 "VOT / XX".
"[This type] can scarcely be later than about 440." RIC p. 174, which places it in 440-455.

Comment for collectors:  If RIC X calls is "scarce" it must be because John Kent saw many poor examples. In my opinion, it is quite rare and examples as nice as this one are very hard to find. I'd call it "very rare." However, AEs from this late period are not highly collected by reverse type and it is not very valuable.

Type 78: A3/4.  VICTO AVG
Emperor advancing right, head left, supressing captive (left) with right hand and holding standard (right) in left hand.
c.440-455  [RIC p. 174]

[no photo]

Valentinian III only. See Type 78 for more discussion.


A note for collectors:  The remaining types are all rare or very rare in decent condition. Although RIC X may call some "common" or even "very common," they are very seldom seen in legible condition on the market. However, their condition-rarity does not mean they are particularly valuable. When they do appear, dealers usually list them for hundreds of dollars, but I doubt they sell at that high level. "Rare" is not the same as "high value" when the coins are small, ill struck, and downright ugly.


Type 79:  AE4.  VICTO(RIA) AVG
emp Virtus? l, globe and spear
c. 440-455

[no photo]

Only for Valentinian III.

RIC 2147-8 (C, C) p. 380, 1 photo, plate 53.
"This is very common."  RIC p. 174.


Type 80:  AE4.  VICTORIA AVG
Victory left, wreath, palm

[no image]

Only for Valentinian III.

RIC 2152-2158 (Rome, all seven "S")  p. 380, 2 photos plate 53.


camp gate


[no image]

Only for Valentinian III.

RIC 2159 (Rome, R4), page 380, plate 53.


Type 82:  AE4.  CASTRA(N)   [several spelling variants]
Camp gate, star above  [like VOT PVB, type 71, but with a different legend]
c.440-455  [RIC p. 174]


[no photo]

Only for Valentinian III.

RIC 2160-2163, all "C" for Valentinian III, page 380, plate 53, 3 photos.
"This is very common, and many irregular versions of it exist." RIC p. 175.

Type 83:  AE4.  ROMA
gateway, star above
c.440-455  [RIC p. 174-5]

Only for Valentinian III.
11 mm. 1.57 grams.

RIC X 2164 (Rome, R4) p. 381, 1 photo, plate 53.
Sear V 21306



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