Type 66:  AE4.  SALVS REIPVBLICE [usually crude with very abbreviated reverse legend]
Victory advancing left holding weath and palm.
425-?c.430  [RIC X, p. 172-3]

Type 66

Valentinian III
11-10 mm
1.085 grams
Reverse legend very abbreviated, as usual
RIC X, 2108, page 376, plate 53

Struck only for Valentinian III and Placidia.

RIC X 2107-8 for Valentinian III "Rome, R4, S" page 376 (1 photo, plate 53.2108) and 2109 for Placidia "R3" page 376 (1 photo, plate 53.2109).
"This is the first substantive issue of the reign... suggests a very early date. p. 173. "425-?c.430" p.172.

DO --
Cayon 41 (0).

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