Victory advancing left with wreath and palm
409-410 or 415-416

[no photo]

Only for Priscus Attalus.
DO for Priscus Attalus, none, discussed on page 223.

RIC X, 1414 (AE13)-1415 (AE15) (2 photos, plate 43), both R3 (the latter is as the former, except has field marks retrograde), page 345. Mint mark SMVRM. "Forgeries by Cigoi exist with mintmark TRS," page 345.

LRBC 826.

Cayon PA-14 (0). Cayon PA-15 is AE10 with Victory left reverse and possibly no reverse legend. (1 photo, uncertain mint). It does not look obviously wrong, but is much too small for the dies. Cayon PA-13 has "GLORIA ROMANORVM," citing Cohen C.2-40), which may not exist.

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