Victory writing on shield
Hand of God on obverse.
400-401 [DO]
56   Eudoxia, Cyzicus
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Only for Eudoxia. (More about coins of Eudoxia.)

mint RIC Ex Pu plate
Con 101,420 S 4 5.101, Pu--
Nic 102 R   5.102
Cyz 103 S   5.103
Ant 104-5 S,3   5.104-5

Shield variously inscribed with chi-rho (Antioch), chi-iota (Antioch), or cross (Cyzicus, above).
RIC X, p. 249 for Eudoxia and p. 273 for Pulcheria, which has a footnote suggesting at least one of these is tooled from Flacilla and none are confirmed. This type is, in my opinion, doubtful for Pulcheria.
Antioch 105 for Eudoxia omits the hand of God on the obverse.  

Cayon 13 (4 photos, 3 Ant, 1 xx, and 1 photo (Ant) as Eudocia 12, in error.)
Hunter 93.E3.

DO, 15 pieces, Table 32, "Eudoxia," page 134.

Ratto photos, Eudoxia 207, 209.

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