Valentinian I, Roman emperor AD 364-375.
    His complete AE ancient-coin type set (with photos below).

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3 VOT / V / MVLT / X in wreath            1    S
3 RESTITVTOR REIP  emp stg w vict on  globe            2    S
1 RESTITVTOR REIPVBLICAE  emp stg            3    S
3 GLORIA ROMANORVM   Vict adv left            4    R
3 GLORIA ROMANORVM   emp. drags captive            5    C
3 SECVRITAS REIPVBLICAE   Vict adv left            6    C
2 GLORIA ROMANORVM  camp gate           10   R2

Types are in numerical order except for rare types (Types 4 and 10) which are listed together at the end. All references to RIC (Roman Imperial Coinage) are to volume IX. 

Type 1:  AE3. VOT / V / MVLT / X  in wreath. 25 Feb. 364 - late 364 [RIC]. Only for Valentinian, so it must be dated before the the news of the elevation of Valens reached the mint. 

Valentinian I
20 mm. 12:00. 2.76 grams. 

VOT / V / MVLT / X

RIC Sirmium 8.

Some call it "rare" but there are really enough of them to only be "scarce" and demand is not high, so it does not bring much of a premium.
It is struck essentially only at Sirmium. However, it is recorded in RIC as extremely rare (R4) from Ludunum.


Type 2:  AE3.  RESTITVTOR REIP. Emperor standing facing, head right, holding standard and Victory on globe. 364-367.


Valentinian I
18mm. 6:00. 2.26 grams.

BSIRM in exergue

RIC Sirmium 6a

Scarce, relative to types 5 and 6. The RIC rarity ratings for Balkan mints. especially Siscia, Sirmium, and Thessalonica, are outdated because huge numbers of coins of Valentinian and Valens have been coming out of the Balkans.


Type 3AE1. RESTIVTOR REIPVBLICAE. Emperor standing facing, head left, holding standard and Victory on globe. 364-367.


Valentinian I
AE1. 27 mm. 5:30. 9.78 grams. 
RIC Heraclea 2.  "R4"


Struck for Valentinian I, Valens, and Gratian.
It is rare or at least scarce for Valentinian, significantly rarer for Valens, and of extreme rarity for Gratian. (I have never seen one offered.)


Type 4, AE3. GLORIA ROMANORVM, Victory, is very rare and shown below.   

Type 5:  AE3. GLORIA ROMANORVM, emperor right drags captive and holds labarum. 364-388   [RIC also lists it in the period 388-392 at Trier]


18 mm. 2.57 grams. 6:00

RIC Siscia 14a

Very common.



Type 6:  AE3. SECVRITAS REPVBLICAE. Victory advancing left holding wreath and palm. 364-378.

Valentinian I
18mm. 6:00. 2.54 grams.

RIC Constantinople 21a.

Very common. 
Also struck for Valens, Gratian, and Valentinian II.


Type 10, AE2. GLORIA ROMANORVM. Camp gate, is very rare and shown below.

Rare types for Valentinian 

Type 4:  AE3. GLORIA ROMANORVM, Victory adv l, holding wreath and palm. [Just like type 6, SECVRITAS REPVBLICAE, except with a different legend.] 364-378.  This reverse type was struck only at Trier.

[No image for Valentinian. Here is one for Valens.] 

18 mm. 12:00. 2.33 grams.

RIC Trier 6b = Trier 31b = Trier 47a

Minted for Valentinian, Valens, Gratian, and Valentinian II. It is rare for Valens and very rare for Valentinian I, Gratian, and Valentinian II.



Type 10AE2. GLORIA ROMANORVM. Camp gate. 367-375. 
Vn[No photo for Valentinian. Here is one for Valens.
Image courtsey of Classical Numismatic Group, with permission]
22mm. 4.27 grams. 

CNG auction 63, May 21, 2003, lot 1550, "Unique" (Maybe it is unique with this mintmark, but it is not unique as a type in general). This has bust left instead of right, and a unique mintmark: COMTM. The mint to which this refers is not clear. 
This reverse type is struck for Valentinian, Valens, and Gratian. It is very rare for each, and because of its large size and campgate, its rarity makes it much more valuable than the other types.



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