Roman emperor Magnus Maximus, 383-388.
   His complete AE ancient-coin type set (with images below)
   including the only AE type for his son, Flavius Victor. 

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AE2 REPARATIO REIPVB  emp raises kneeling female         18 C
AE4 VICTORIA AVGG Victory advancing left         27 R2
AE4 VOT / V / MVLT / X  in wreath         28 R3
AE4 VO / TIS / V  in wreath         30 R2
AE2 VIRTVS EXERCITI emp stg r, foot on captive         31 R4
AE2 VICTORIA AVGG emperor standing         32 S
AE4 SPES ROMANORVM camp gate         36 C

All references to RIC (Roman Imperial Coinage) are to volume IX. 

Type 18:  AE2.  REPARATIO REIPVB. Emperor raises kneeling female right, emperor holds Victory on globe in left. 383-388.


 Magnus Maximus
23 mm. 4.37 grams.

RIC Arelate 26a "383-388"

This type was struck for Gratian, Valentinian II, Theodosius, and Magnus Maximus. It is common for all of them. 


Type 27:  AE4.  VICTORIA AVGG. Victory advancing left, holding wreath and palm. 383-388. Only for Magnus Maximus. Only at Lugdunum.

Magnus Maximus
15-13 mm. 1.19 grams.  6:00.
Note the termination "GG" with two G's, not three.
RIC IX Lugdunum 34, R, plate IV.18.  mm LVGP or LVGS.

This type is very rare. This has the legend and type of Type 44, which is a different issue.


Type 28:  AE4.  VOT / V / MVLT / X  in wreath. 383-388. 

Magnus Maximus
15 mm. 1.85 grams.


RIC Lugdunum (Lyons) 35 "R3"

This type is very rare for Magnus Maximus. It is common for Gratian, Valentinian II, Theodosius, and Arcadius.



Type 30:  AE4.  VO / TIS / V in wreath  (14-16 mm). 383-388. Only for Magnus Maximus. Only at Arles.

Magnus Maximus 
14 mm. 1.35 grams. 6:30.  SCON.
RIC IX, Arles 28, R.
"The rare AE4 vota coins of the larger module [This type] were probably struck at the beginning of Maximus' reign," p. 56. 

This type is very rare.


Type 31 is extremely rare for Magnus Maximus. It really belongs to the emperors of the central empire. AE2. VIRTVS EXERCITI. Emperor standing right, spurning captive, holding standard and globe. Type struck 383-388  [RIC]   386-393  [DO]

[No image for Magnus Maximus.  Here is one for Theodosius]

24-22 mm. 6:30. 4.59 grams.
RIC Constantinople 83b variety with unlisted officina B.
For Magnus Maximus RIC has this type as "R4" (extremely rare).

This type is common for Valentinian II, Theodosius, and Arcadius.



Type 32:  AE2. VICTORIA AVGG. Emperor standing facing, holding Victory on globe in r. and standard in l.  383-388. Only for Magnus Maximus and only at Arles and Lyons.


Magnus Maximus
22-20 mm. 11:30. 5.09 grams.
RIC Arles 27b

This type is scarce.


Type 36: AE4.  SPES ROMANORVM. Camp gate, with star between two turrets. 387-388.


Magnus Maximus
15-14 mm.  6:00. 1.53 grams.
RIC Aquileia 55a2

This type is common.


This type was also struck for his son, Flavius Victor. It is the only AE type for Flavius Victor.

Flavius Victor
14-13 mm. 6:00. 1.16 grams.
RIC Aquileia 55b, "S".

This type is scarce.  Because it is the only AE type for Flavius Victor, it has a high premium.

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