Type 72:  AE4 (12 mm).  VOT / XX  in wreath, Q below
434-435  [RIC, p. 173]   444  [DO, p. 239]

V3V3 type 72

Valentinian III
13 mm. 1.83 grams. 6:00.
RIC X, 2130

Only for Valentinian III.
RIC 2129-2130 "AE3 [sic]" (but only 12 mm) "R" and "S" for Valentinian III from Rome "second period", plate 53 (two photos), page 378. Also, RIC 2136 "R3" from Rome "third period" page 378, no photo. "The mintmarks, RPM or a simple officina number, suggest that this type interrupts the VOT PVB series. It probably dates to 434-5, and is not uncommon." [RIC p. 173.]
Type 77, is similar but for "XV" instaed of "XX".

Comment for collectors:  It can be called "scarce" in the sense there are many examples, but they are almost all in terrible condition.  I'd call examples as good as this one "very rare" and it is fair to call the type "rare" as a whole. However, AEs from this late period are not highly collected by reverse type and it is not highly valuable.

Cayon --
Hunter --

DO 853, "formally dated to 444" p. 239.

Vecchi 15 (6/1999), lot 1241 (AE12).

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