Type 69.  AE3/4.  VICTORIA AVGG
Victory left, head right, holding vertical standard or trophy and resting left hand on crouching captive (right)
?c.430-?c.437  [RIC, p. 173-4]
Only for Valentinian III.

[no image]

RIC 2104 ("AE3, Aquileia, R4") page 375, no photo.
RIC 2133 ("AE4, Rome, second group, R2") page 378, plate 53.2133.
RIC 2137 ("AE4, Rome, third group, without officina numbers, R4") page 379, plate 53.2137.
RIC 2150 ("AE4. Rome, R3") with mint mark "ROM" or variant, p. 380, plate 53.2150.

"[RIC 2104 is] Probably corrected attributed to Aquileia."  "The average weight of specimens in good condition is about 1.70 g." "Mintmark appears to be AQ, though  really clear reading is still lacking." RIC p. 172

"This is a rare type [at Rome]." "[The type with Victory holding wreath with captive, type 70] is a much commoner type than the Victory, trophy, and captive series." RIC p. 174  "?c.430-?c.437" p. 173.

RIC X lists 2151 as a "[SALVS REI]PVBLICA" legend with this design. p.380.  "Very rare" p. 174.

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