Type 71:  AE4.  VOT PVB
Gateway with turrets, usually with officina number between. Also known at "camp gate" or "city gate".
?c.430-?c.437 [RIC p. 173]    435? [DO]
   Valentinian III, Rome
Only for Valentinian III. Only at Rome.

RIC X, Rome 2123-2128 (S,R,3,R,3,2), 2135 (R4) (all called AE3, 4 photos). RIC distinguishes four varieties, with turrets (A), with pellets (B), a star with pellets (C), and 2135 which has prominent turrets but without officina number. The illustrated piece is variety A, 2123, officina E.
    "A gateway may denote an imperial Adventus, but it is worth noting that earthquakes in 429 and 443 gave rise to considerable concern about the walls and other public buildings in the city." "The legend, which specifically refers to the festival of 3 January, was often associated with consular issues." RIC p. 173. "All bronzes of this period omit PLA [in the obverse elgend]" RIC p. 173.

Two varieties in LRBC. Variety 1 is without turrets (847, 849-851), and variety 2 is with turrets (853, 855, 858, 859). LRBC dates it within 425-455.

Cayon V3-42 ("VOT PVB" no photos), V3-47 (incorrectly spelled "VOT PVBL") (3 photos).

DO 852, "it is not clear to which occasion the inscription belongs (435?)" p. 239. "there is an alternative legend CAS-TRA" (type 82) p.239.

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