Type 77:  AE4 (12-13 mm).  VOT / XV  in wreath
c. 440  [RIC, p. 174]

V3 type 77V3 type 77

Valentinian III
Blundered obverse legend, as usual
RIC X, 2140
12 mm. 1.79 grams. 6:00.

Only for Valentinian III.
RIC 2140-2141 "AE3/4" for Valentinian III, from Rome, both "S", plate 53 (one photo), p. 379. The above example is clearly "XV".
Note that the RIC photo, with "XV" has a photo where the "V" might almost be an "X" and the type then looks like Type 72 "VOT / XX".
"[This type] can scarcely be later than about 440." RIC p. 174, which places it in 440-455.

Comment for collectors:  If RIC X calls is "scarce" it must be because John Kent saw many poor examples. In my opinion, it is quite rare and examples as nice as this one are very hard to find. I'd call it "very rare." However, AEs from this late period are not highly collected by reverse type and it is not very valuable.

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