Type 68AE3-4.  no legend
Cross in wreath
425-435, 440-455  [RIC earlier for Theodosius II, later for Valentinian III]   408-419  [DO]
68   Theodosius II, Cyzicus
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Struck for Theodosius II and Valentinian III.
This type is common for Theodosius II but rare in nice condition, and when it is nice, it is usually from Cyzicus.
Ths type is rare for Valentinian III and very rare in nice condition.

mint RIC T2 V3 plate
Rome 2144-5
C,C 53
Th 440 4

Her 441-2 R,C
Con 443-6 R,R,C,4 4 18.443-5
Nic 447-8 R,C
Cyz 449-52 C,3,S,R 3,R 18.449-51
Ant 453-4 C,S
Ale 455 R
RIC "AE3-4" 440-455, for Theodosius II, all from eastern mints, some "C2", p. 275.  Numbers 446 (Con, R4), 452 (Cyz, R) are for Valentinian III. Plate 18 (11 pieces pictured). Dated 425-435.
RIC "AE3/4" 2144-2145, for Valentinian III, from Rome, both "C" (one photo). p. 379. Dated 440-455, page 174.
With cross-rho (instead of cross) "AE3/4" RIC 2146, for Valentinian III, from Rome, "R4" (one photo).
From the photos it appears the Rome pieces are quite crudely engraved.

Cayon T2-43(2), V3--
Hunter  T2--, V3--

DO T2-328 (Con) "The unbroken legend may date it before 408" [But the legend on the example above is broken], T2-332-3 (Nic), T2-334-7 (Cyz), T2-338 (Ale), T2-341-5 (xx), V3-865 (Cyz).

Ratto photos, Theodosius II 197, 201.

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