Two Victories holding one wreath
?c.430-?c.437  [RIC p. 173]
   Valentinian III, Rome
Only for Valentinian III.
RIC 2131-2132 distinguishes two styles:  good and normal. "R" and "S", from Rome, plate 53 (2 photos, AE12), p. 378. Mint mark RM.
"Although ... [this type] always has an officina number, this is placed at the top of the die. In consequence, it is often missing in whole or in part from the flan and is seldom recorded in publications, which do not always distinguish it from a similar issue of Theodosius I, in which each Victory holds a separate wreath [Type 33]." RIC p. 173.

LRBC 860 (with photo of reverse).

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