Type 83:  AE4.  ROMA
gateway (a.k.a. "campgate"), star above
c.440-455  [RIC p. 174-5]

Only for Valentinian III.
11 mm. 11:30. 1.57 grams.

RO to left and MA to right of the "gateway".
Uncertain letters in exergue. The photo is virtually as good as the coin. Looks like two letters with maybe "S" or "C"(?) on the left and "R" or maybe "B" on the right, with a chance there is still a third very weak letter to the right, maybe "O"? Unfortunately, it is not known what it "should" say. The pictured coin in RIC is off-center to 12:00 such that anything below the gateway is off the flan. RIC simply says "no [mint]mark".

Only "DNVA" of the obverse legend is close to legible. 

RIC X 2164 (Rome, R4, "no [mint]mark") p. 381, 1 photo, plate 53.
Not in Carson, Hill, and Kent (1976). It was unknown at the time.


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