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What's new?  May 7: Nice dayed AE of Arados.
May 2: Stater of Nagidos, at the top.

Newest first. Then High Quality. Then Greek silver, Greek AE, Jewish, Oriental Greek


Lovely coin of Arados in Phoenicia (on the coast)
20 mm.
Tyche/Poseidon on ship.
This coins is explicitly dated below the ship. There may be astroke missing at 7:30, so I am not certain, but I read it as at least year 130 = 130/129 BC.

Sear Greek 6002
Hoover Handbook 10, 78. [$27 SOLD]



Stater of Nagidos in Cilicia. 23 mm. 9.93 grams. 356-333 BC.
Aphrodite seated left in diaphonous dress, Eros behind crowning her with wreath
Dionysos standing left, holding cluster of grapes and thyrsos.
Two test cuts. SNG Levante 13 "c. 360-333 BC." SNG France 2, 28. Sear Greek 5579.



Troas, Abydos
early 4th C. - 335 BC  
[i.e. before Alexander the Great]
14 mm. tetraobol. 2.42 grams.
Head of Apollo left in laurel wreath
eagle standing right,

APIΣTORKΩN up back  ABY upwards in front
BMC Troas Abydus 25. Sear Greek 4012 v. [$95]



Satrap of Caria. Hidrieus, 351-344 BC.
12-10 mm. Small coin. 1.71 grams. Hemidrachm. 
Mint: Halikarnassos
Apollo haed 3/4 facing right
Zeus Labraundos standing right holding labrys (double ax) and spear, to right, downwards letters spellng the satrap's name:  IΔPIEΩΣ (barely visible)

Sear Greek 4961  SNG von Aulock 2369 (This bust is better than von Aulock's). Very nice facing bust. [$135]



Lycia, Phaselis. mid 5th C. BC.
13 mm. 3.40 grams.
Prow of galley right, resmbling the forepart of a boar.
slender stern of a galley ΦAΣ above (for Phaselis)
all within incuse square
Sear Greek 5330. SNG von Aulock 4995. "5th C."
BMC -- but type f satter #3, plate 16.7 "before c. 466 BC"
Ships!  [$159] 



Ionia, Miletos
late 6th - early 5th C. BC
9-8 mm. Small. 1.21 grams.
Lion's head right,  roaring.
Stellate pattern.
SNG Turkey I 464. Sear Greek 3552



Caria, Mylasa or other city. 
c. 420-390 BC.
Only 6 mm!  0.21 grams. Tiny!
roaring lion's head left
Bird standing right, dots.
Sear Greek --, cf. city of 4908
Turkey I cf, 944 (but lion's head right). Klein --.
Very rare and in nice condition, especially well-centered for such a tiny coin. [$55]  


Caria, uncertain city before 440 BC [Keckman]
confronted foreparts of two bulls
bull forepart left
7 mm. 0.28 grams.  Small!
SNG Finland Keckman Karia I 914.
SNG Turkey I 968 "Milesian standard tetartemorion"
Sera Greek -- (might fit after 4949)
Three bulls on one coin!  [$45]




Carthage, 17-15 mm.
Tanit head left/horse standing right (head not turned back).




Sicily, Kentoipai (Centuripas)
"After c. 241 BC" according to Head in HN.
16 mm. 3.68 grams
Demeter rt, ear of grain behind
Plow right   [KENTO] illegible
An ancient plow! How many ancient coins show a tool?  [$37]
Ex Lepczyk auction 41, lot 29 (Oct. 1981) with ticket.



Sicily, Akragas
287-279 BC
reign of Tyrant Phinthias
Apollo laureate right
two eagles on hare, front one with head up scremaing
Sear 1030 variety (their head is left). SNG Cop Sicily 99. Lindgren Europe 413a (has head left)
This reverse design is on the famous multi-million dollar decadrachm. e.g. on lot 77 (the cover coin) of the Hunt Greek collection. For those of us who can't buy a decadrachm, you can have the reverse design for only [$39 SOLD]




Large! 30-26 mm.
Struck c. 123-104 BC according to Kleiner
in the Roman province of Asia.

Cista mystica w. half open lid from which serpent emerges, all within ivy wreath.
two serpents, between them bowcasse orndamented with aplustre, containing a strung bow. to let and right, omongrams. to right, a small serpent staff.
Sear Greek 3947 variety.  SNG Copenhagen 418 (has these monograms) Volume IV plate 10. Kleiner ANSMN 23 (1978) pages 77-105 and plaes 10-17 "Hoard Evidence and the late cistophori of Pergamum". 
ex Berk, lot 92 of some list, which I have lost track of, but well before 1997. A big piece of silver with a really striking and interesting design. [$195 SOLD]


[Also on the main page]  Panticapaeum, North Black Sea region
21-20 mm. High obverse relief.
Struck 314-310 BC.
Bearded head of Pan (satyr) right with pointed ear
Griffin left, sturgeon below (the source of caviar) 
ΠAN around.
MacDonald 69. Anokhin 111.

Lovely glossy dark green patina with some red.
Magnificent style. [$175, reduced to $155 SOLD]
Please compare to the only examples on vcoins and MA-Shops at $700 and 450 euros. 
I love this type; it is so artistic and beautiful!


Silver obol
12-10 mm. 0.585 grams.
Youthful head left (Treptolemos, according to Levante)
eagle left on lion
SNG Levante 230, plate 12.  [$75, reduced to $69 SOLD]




9-8 mm. 0.18 grams. Very small.
Horseman right with cape flying behind
Athena standing right, vertical scepter in left, left arm resting on shield.
SNG Levante 256 is this type but 0.36 grams. "Possibly 4th C. B.C."
Rare [$59, reduced to $29]




Mysia, Lampsakos
AE. 12-11 mm
c. 362 BC
Portrait of Satrap Orontas head right
forepart of Pegasus right
One of the earliest portrait coins, well before Alexander the Great.
SNG France --, Sear Greek 3900 (no photo), SNG Copenhagen IV Mysia 199 "c. 362 BC"
L&K --, L III --, von Aulock I 1821 (the one on offer is as good)
Very likely would be the earliest portrait coin in your collection [$75]



Seleukos I, 312-280 BC.
19 mm. 6.34 grams.
BMC 59
Sear Greek 6849

Apollo head right
Athena right, king's name down behind
nice black. Compare to vcoins.  [$33, reduced to $29]



Demetrius Poliorketes, 306-283 BC.
AE12-11. 1.61 grams.
His bust right in Corinthian helmet
prow of ship right, above BA
Sear Greek 6775v.
SNG Copenhagen Macedonia 1192 struck at Tarsus 298-295




Arsinoe III, wife of Ptolemy IV, Paphos mint, Cyprus
Small. 12 mm. 2.05 grams.
bust right
double cornucopia 
Svronos 1160
Matt Kreutzer, "The Coinage System of Cleopatra VII and Augustus in Cyprus," agrues it may be the famous Cleopatra, but I have not heard that this attribution has been accepted. 



Troas. Gergis. 4th C. -241 BC [SNG Copenhagen 338]
Small. 12 mm.
Laureate head of Sibyl Herophile 3/4 facing right
winged Sphinx right, ΓEP downwards before
Sear Greek 4099 variety (AE 12, not 17)

Gorgeous for such a small bronze coin. Nicely centered. High quality. [$95]
Compare on vcoins. The only one comparable is 235€. 

Rhodes, Caria. c.310-189 BC or later.
14.5 mm. 2.61 grams.  Drachm.
nearly facing head of Helios
Rose, bowcase with bow, bud to right
P  O

Sear Greek 5052
SNG Copenhagen V Caria 783 (w. bowcase)
BMC Caria, Rhodes 166.
Rhodes is mentioned in Acts 21:1.

A rarity. Very few coins of this king are ever offered:

King Mithrades III of Commagene
20 BC - 12 AD (contemporary of Augustus)
18 mm. 6.94 grams.
crab (probably astrological)
Alram 249 page 84.
(Sullivan, on Commagne, gives this to Mithradates II, not III)
BMC -- but has discussion under Galatia of the Kingdom and its concern about astrology
MunzZentrum 73 (1992 April 22) had one, lot 1044 "sehr selten".  F. Imhof-Blumer ZfN 1874, page 332.  If you want one of each Greek king, here is one of the most obscure Kings and you won't find a portrait piece! (or, any piece at all except this one) [$245]


High Quality:    

Rhodes, didrachm. 340-304 BC.
19 mm. 6.60 grams.
ex Henry Clay Lindgren (as Anticoh Associates) B49-40, 4/30/2004

Sear Greek 5037
SNG Keckman 445v (but that E is on the left)

Part of the point of getting a coin of Rhodes is the facing bust. Unfortunately, many are in poor style, which negates the beauty. This one has wear, but good style and centering. It is a very pleasing coin.  [$345 SOLD + $8 shipping in the US]





PHOENICIA, Sidon. `Abd`aštart (Straton) II. 
Circa 342-333 BC.
25 mm and thick (5 mm!). 12:00 die axis. 25.21 grams.
ex Empire Coins, with ticket, list 68 (September 1993) lot 11. 

Sear Greek 5937.  [$725 + $12 shipping in the US]




Poseidonia, Lucania, Italy
Stater. 18-17 mm. Thick!  7.90 grams.
Ex. Berk list 46 lot 235 (Dec. 10, 1986) buy at $275 (in 1986!)
Poseidon (of course!) striding right with trident
Bull standing left, ΠΟΣΕ... retrograde above
HN Italy cf. 1114
SNG Cop I Italy 1278ff
SNG Fitzwilliam I 543
Sear Greek 424  [$295 + $7 shipping in the US]




[$425 + $9 shipping in the US] Greek stater from Sikyon in the Peloponnessos, only 30 miles west of Corinth.
26-25 mm. 11.93 grams.
Chimera (mythical creature--lion with goat's head projecting from the back and tail ending in a snake's head) ΣE below 
Dove flying left, wreath
c.431-400 BC.
ex Ex-Matrisciano Collection, California
Apparently bought from Malter between 1965 and 1980. It has an old-style Malter ticket with "17" on it, but think it was bought in the store because I didn't find it in Malter catalogs.
An impressive large coin with good toning. Very attractive. [$425 SOLD + $9 shipping in the US] Please compare prices elsewhere. 




Cilicia, city of Tarsos. 
24-22 mm. 9.86 grams.
Usually attributed to satrap Datames (378-362 BC). Other pronunciations of the letters that name him have been suggested, including "Tadnmu", but it is the same satrap either way.
Ba'al of Tarsos seated holding eagle-tipped scepter over shoulder and grain ear and bunch of grapes in left. "Ba'al Tarz" in those letters down the left.
The sky god Ana naked standing right with his hand toward Datames standing left with his right hand raised in a gesture of veneration, legend between (the name, perhaps pronounced "Tadnmu"). Not overcleaned as many are.
Sear Greek 5646v. Levante 84. [$295]



Selinous, Sicily
Litra. 11-10 mm. 0.74 grams.
Nymph on rock, touching serpent
man-faced bull right
Hoover Sicily 1229
ex Heritage Sept 3002 Long Beach auction. 



[$95 SOLD]
Antiochus IV, Epiphanes, King of Commagene, 38-72 AD.
29 mm. 
His bust right
Scorpion in wreath
BMC 7. Sear Greek Imperial 5507.


[$149, reduced to $115] Thrace. Abdera. Tetraobol. 15-14 mm. 2.41 grams. 
Griffin left
Head of Apollo right
SNG Oxford 3503
SNG Copenhagen 359  "c. 400-352 BC"




[$95 SOLD]  Chalcis, Coele-Syria. 85-40 BC. AE19-17.  Female head right/Victory advancing left, date LΠC. SGI --, SNG Danish. Syria plate 2 has (only) two coins of this place, but not this type. Lindgren III 1222. This coin has no problems. Fairly high relief head.
Very rare place and remarkably nice grade.  [Super quality and very rare]



A gorgeous stater of Nagidos in Cilicia. 24 mm. 9.96 grams. 380-360 BC.
Aphrodite seated left in diaphonous dress, Eros behind crowning her with wreath
Dionysos standing left, holding cluster of grapes and thyrsos.
Excellent condition. SNG France 2, 21. Sear Greek --, cf. 5579.
Marvelous drapery.
A real beauty. [$425 SOLD]



[$345 SOLD]  Akragas (Agrigentum) didrachm
before 413 BC
20 mm. eagle standing right
crab, small human head below, CA Σ
SNG Copenhagen I Sicily 37 (with the head)
Sear Greek 709A variety
With old ANACS photo certificate of authenticity, issued 02-01-85 ("510-472 BC")  
Old. Nice toning. Well-centered. 
ex  CCE 12-84 lot 1. Ticket included.





[$55 SOLD] Selge, Pisidia. Greek silver fraction.
AR10. 0.67 grams. Obol.
Gorgonion facing/Athena helmeted right
Sear Greek 5473v.  SNG Copenhagen Pisidia 246.  Nicely centered. 



[$75] Thessalonica, Macedonia
Struck 187-31 BC [Lindgren]
18 mm. 7.25 grams.
head of Dionysos right, crowned with vine leaves
Pegasos rearing right, ΘEΣ to left
ear of grain below
Lindgren, Europe 1151 (which is slightly worse than the one here)
High grade. Very pleasing patina. A really nice Greek AE. [$95, reduced to $75 SOLD]




Greek Silver:

[$85]  Ionia, Miletos. Tetraobol. 14 mm. 2.365 grams.
Apollo head right, laureate
Lion standing right, looking back
Sear Greek Coins 4513 "75 pounds" (in 1979)
(Compare to the $695 one on vcoins.)



Ionia, uncertain city
7 mm. 0.36 grams. (Hemiobol)
Helmeted head of Athena right/star of four rays with dots in between

See also Gorny & Mosch 176 lot 1246.



[$65. Very rare.] Cilicia, Tarsos, stater. 20-19 mm. 9.16 grams.
c. 425-400 BC. SNG Levante 54v. Numismatic Chronicle "The Celenderis Hoard" by Kraay. Tarsos #1
A very early type in very worn condition.
Bull standing left with lion right attacking his hind quarters
ear of grain upright in diamond "TRZ" to right (illegible).
von Aulock 5907.  As far as I know, none of these are nice, although some are nicer than this one. [$65] (That's a low price for a very rare type of stater.)



[$55]  SSPhoenicia, Sidon. C. 400-384 BC [BM] "c.425-410/7 BC" [Hoover]
City wall with three towers
King standing right pulling bow
Small. AR9-8.  0.72 grams. 1/16 shekel.
Nice rust toning. Well-centered.
BMC Phoenicia, Sidon 15.  Hoover 230v. 



  [$49, reduced to $45] Tarsos, Cilicia
361-333 BC (Just before Alexander the Great swept through)
AR10. Obol. 0.56 grams.
Baal seated left (the prototype for Zeus seated left on coins of Alexander)
/forepart of wolf right, crescent above and behind (for canine lovers)
nice coin. [$69, reduced to $45]



Greek AE (followed by Parthian, etc.)

AE16 of Akko (Ake)-Ptolemais 
Jugate busts of the Dioscuri right
Cornucopia with ANTIOXEN/TΩN down right
Kadman 16ff, this one better and the best I found.
[$39] Remarkably low-priced for the best.



Cherson (city in Crimea, formerly in Ukraine)
Late 4th - first half of 3rd C. B.C. 
21 mm. 
Artemis kneeling left on prostrate stag which she spears
Bull butting left, club and quiver below.
Sear Greek 1668. Stancomb 474. Anokhin 77. Rare. [$49]




Seleucid King
Alexander II, Zebinus
128-123 BC
His radiate head right
Crossed cornucopiae (usually they are parallel)
and therefore not in Sear or Hoover (Seleucid Kings)
20  mm. 7.05 grams.

SNG Spaer Seleucid 2310
This one is nicer than his and better than the only example on MA-Shops which is $75 as I write. [$38]



G[$85 SOLD] Gaul. Remi.
Three jugate heads left! /Nike driving biga left.
15 mm.
Allen plate II 53.  Struck before 52 BC (Time of Julius Caesar) but in circulation until the end of the century. Associated with Caesar's Gallic Wars.
De la Tour XXXII 8040
Sear Greek 137, Weber 52.
Please (always) compare prices to your favorite site elsewhere.  Do you have any coins with three heads on the obverse?




Carthage. Chunky AE17-16. 7.23 grams.
Tanit head left
Horse right
SNG Copenhagen Carthage 97. Sicily mint, late 4th - early 3rd c. BC
It has the distinctive flan of Sicily with projections on either side (1:00 and 7:00).
Rough surface just like the image. Not large, but hefty in hand. [$25]




Thessalian Confederacy (League) AE19.
Head of Apollo right
Athena right. ΘEΣΣAΛΩN
Hoover "Northern and Central Greece" 225 "late second - early first centuries BC"
BNC 60. [$24 SOLD]






Thrace, Odessos, Zeus (or The Great God)/Horseman OΔHSITWN
20 mm.
3rd C. BC Sear Greek 1679 [$35, reduced to $29]



[$35] Lovely patina.
Seleucid King Alexander II Zabinas BCE 128-122
Hoover 1178 (R2!)
SC 2243 
16 mm.  "bottlecap" 
Elephant head right/eagle standing left




[$95 SOLD, but lost in the mail to Canada] Akragas, before 406 BC
Thick 21 mm. 11.97 grams.
Screaming eagle on thunderbolt
crab with three dots around (a trias)

McClean 2069. Weber --, SNG Copenhagen I Sicily --, supplement --,
Fitzwilliam --, SNG ANS Part 3 Sicily I -- (cf. 1034 for eagle right on hare)
BMC -- (#101 is the design with 5 pellets), 102 has eagle on hare
Sear Greek 1023 has eagle right on hare.
Pozzi --, GCMFA Boston --, Morecom --, Wheaton --
Nice heavy green patina. Scarce or rare variety. Good design.




[$35]  Pergamon, Mysia. c. 310-284 BC. AE9. head of young Heracles rt./helmeted Athena right. ΠEP below. SG 3958. SNG Danish 323 (this one is better)  [Very nice surfaces. High quality for AE, $35]






[$59] Lokri-Epizephyrii, Bruttium, c. 300-268 BC
a colony of Corinth
17 mm. 
Athena helmeted left
filleted thyrsus (Staff of Dionysos or his followers)
Sear Greek --, SNG Copenhagen I Italy 1174
none on vcoins as I write.




[$25]  Kyme, Aeolis. c. 250 BC [according to BMC] AE15. 3.29 grams. BNC Aeolis, Cyme 57.  Kyme (Amazon) right/horse forepart right. [$25]





Jewish:  Coins of the Roman Procurators of Judaea. "Biblical" coins of the jews. 

Procius Festus, Roman Procurator of Judaea under Nero, AD 59-62
Palm branch, KAIC-AP 0
"Nero" in Greek
Hendin 4th edition 653
All there. [$19]




Valerius Gratus, Prutah AD 15-26
Hendin 4th ed. 646
16 mm.





King Herod, 40 BC - AD 4.
Anchor/crossed cornucopiae
Small. 13 mm. [$25, reduced to $19]



Antonius Felix, "That fox", procurator under Nero
crossed palm branches/legend in wreath
Hendin 4th ed. 651
[$19, reduced to $17]



Herod Archelaus, 4 BC - AD 6
anchor/legend in wreath
old stable green corrosion, factored into the price
Hendin 4th ed. 500
Mathew 2:22
[$15, reduced to $11 SOLD]



Porcius Festus, AD 59-62
Under Nero
palm branch/legend in wreath
"Nero" in Greek, retrograde (backwards)
Hendin 4th ed. 653  [$19, reduced to $17 SOLD]




Oriental Greek



[$39 SOLD] Persis. Obol. 0.43 grams.
Small coin. 9-8 mm. Two heads!
Pakor I. First half of first century BC. 
A two-headed coin. Cute! [$39 SOLD]





[$135 SOLD]  Parthian. Vonones II.  51 AD.
If you want to know what a Parthian warrior looked like, see this coin.
3.46 grams. Shore 368  [$135 SOLD]




Sasanian and related types:


[$65, reduced to $55 SOLD] Sasanian Kingdom. Peroz I. A.D. 457/9-484. AR drachm (27 mm, 3.87 g, 3 h). AW (Ohrmazd-Ardaxsir). Crowned bust of Peroz I right, crescent on forehead / Fire altar with attendants and ribbon, star and crescent flanking flames. Göbl III/1.
Nice light toning. Bold strike.  [$55 SOLD]


Hephthelite Huns
25 mm. 2.65 grams.
c. late 5th - early 6th century
Mitchner ACW 1451-1452 have different contermarks
Markov said the countermarks are the "Chaganian tamgha" and a Baktrian word  "choko" or "chono".  See the Asia coin website under Peroz. 
Cites Gobl Hunnen 283 variety.
(The Peroz prototype is above.)



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