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Byzantine coins from the Cherson mint.
Late Byzantine. 

World coins.

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Anastasius, Justin, Justinian, Vandal and OstrogothicJustin II, Maurice, Heraclius, Constans II, Constantine IV, late Byzantine (anonymous and later), Cherson Mint coins 
Most recent: 2022, Nov. 15: Nice Class B anonymous follis. Turkoman figural bronze of the first Seljuq to issue them.
2022, Nov. 20:  Sold coins removed entirely. 
Nov. 11:  Justin II pentamummia
2022, Nov. 2:  Heraclius.
2022, Oct. 25: Rare Maurice pentanummium.
2022, Oct. 14:  Justinian, year 35.
2022, Sept. 29: Most prices on this page reduced, some substantially. Most coins now rearranged to be by emperor, so look down to emperors of interest. Six new coins, mostly Justinian, added at the top. One, rarer, is  a Justin with cross-above-head. 
2022, Sept. 21:  Three coins of Justinian. 


Most recent:  

Justin II, 565-578
1.75 grams. 15.6 - 13 mm.
Complicated monogram 
Epsilon (for 5) Γ
Sear 363 from Constantinople (we can tell by the officina number)
[$18]  I bought this in 2004 for $17. (Not a good dollar investment!)
I hope you don't think ancient coins are a monetary investment. They are an investment in your mind and pleasure, not your wallet!



Many more Byzantine coins below, after some litearture.

Byzantine reference literature for sale:

HAHN, Wolfgang and METCALF, William E.-1988 (ANS) "Studies in Early Byzantine Gold Coinage"-144pp, 24pls, hardbound in red cloth,  gilt, 4to. [$15]

Sternberg catalog 8  (11/78)  MV, HQP.  1015 ancients. 339 G, 41 Aksum, 374 R, 238 Byz including AE, 18 Arab-Byz, on 50 ppl + 2E  [$8, reduced to $6]
    Aksumite (41), Byzantine AE (among 238) 

Catalog:  Baldwin's 5 (11 Oct. 1995)  "Byzantine Gold Coins from the P. J. Donald Collection" 285 Byz gold on 12 large ppl. Photos okay but worse than most. [$5, reduced to $3]
    Byzantine gold (285)

Catalog: Gemini VII (2011, Jan. 9) (Berk, Kreindler, and Amphora) HV. HQP. 1074 ancients plus unpictured large lots. 652 G, 56 Jewish related,  17 RR, 125 RI, 29 Holy Land city coins "Patrick Tan collection", 19 DA, 165 Byz including many rarer AE.  "SAVE" in bold on the cover. [$9, reduced to $4]
    Byzantine AE (among 165)

Elsen 125 (2015, June 13) 1085 ancients among 1982. 120 G, 157 Celtic, 25 RR, 130 RI, 16 RP, 544 Byz gold and silver "Collection Henri Potteir", 32 Carolingian  [$7]
    544 Byzantine gold and silver


Chronological order begins here:

Anastasius, 491-518

Anastasis, 491-518.
Nummis. Tiny at 10 mm. These we so bad they had a coin reform (actually, two) to bring in the big "M" pieces.
His head right/his monogram.

Sear 13. [$12, reduced to $8]



Justin I, 518-527

Justin I, 518-527
29 mm. 13.95 grams.
THESSOB mintmark, Є below M
Sear 79. DOC I Justin (24). i.e. DO did not have one of Sear 79 (it has Sear 78) when it was published.
Most coins of Thessalonica are of the "K" denomiantion. Finding an "M" is quite unusual. This is the only type with the THESSOB mintmark.
Large and scarce, but surface corrosion. [$37]



Justin 1, 518-527
Small. 5-nummia. 12 mm.
Tyche of Antioch seated left.
Retrograde Є
Sear 111. DO 57.
[$23, reduced to $17]

Justin and Justinian, joint reign, 527


Justinian, 527-565

Justinian, 527-565
Struck year 35 = 561/2
Large. 33-31 mm, but smaller than the earlier years. It is interesting to see the decline in size over time.
17.92 grams.
Sear 163, year 35.
Ex Michael Wolf, Chicago ANA, August 15, 2013 (no ticket)


Justinian, 527-565
19-17 mm. 3.02 grams.
*I*  (for 10-nummi)
Sear 166
DOC 34, page 82, plate XIV

Unusual with stars either side of the I.  


Justinian, 527-565
14-13 mm. 2.22 grams.
Year 35 (late in his reign and therefore small)
Sear 205, Nicomedia
DOC 159



Justinian, 527-565
13-12 mm. 2.04 grams. Small!
Year 33?
Sear 167, Constantinople
DOC 92 
MIBE Justinian 99, plate 21
ex Savoca London 2nd Blue auction (May 2019) lot 1813. 


Justinian, 527-565
18 mm. 4.25 grams.
Struck year 16 = 542/3
at Constantinople

Sear 167



Justinian, 527-565
Large 33-32 for a 20-nummia
Mintmark KYZ with a clever use of the "K" for both "20" and the "K" in "KYZ". 

Year 13. 

Sear 208.


Justinian, 527-565
Small. 14 mm. 1.33 grams.
Large epsilon for 5, cross to right
Sear 172
MIBE 103b
DOC 97e
[$19, reduced to $15]

Justinian, 527-565
year 32?
Sear 205
[$12, reduced to $9]

Justinian, 527-565
23 mm.
Bust right
AISP   (IS = 16)
Sear 175ff. 
Thesaloncia mint and its unusual denomination "16"! [$29, reduced to $25]

283283Justinian 1-nummis, small, 9 mm. 0.84 grams. AE nummis.
Chi-rho reverse. 
Close to the end of this denomination.
Sear 283
Rare, Carthage mint.
Remarkably good detail and even some obverse legend, which is not common.
Cute! [$79, reduced to $59]



Justinian 1-nummis, small, 0.94 grams. 10 mm.
Sear 283.
bust right
Rare, Carthage mint. Chi-rho in double circle.
 [$35, reduced to $29]

Justinian, 527-565
9 mm. Very small.
Bust right
XIII   (very late for a vota coin)
Sear 278 from Carthage, year 13
This one is clear "for type"  [$39, reduced to $35]


Vandals and Ostrogoths, time of Justinian

Note:  An up-to-date reference for many of the small Vandalic AR4's is Bijovsky, INR6.3 "From Carthage to the Holy Land: The ‘Palm Tree’ Nummus" which you can get on or ask me for it via e-mail (It is 1.7 mb).


Justin II and Sophia, 565-578

Justin II and Sophia, 565-578
25 mm. 6.26 grams.
Sear 381
Unusual with year 5 as five strokes
Year 5 is the first year of issue
DOC 163
[$19, reduced to $15]



Byzantine emperor Justin II and Sophia, 565-578
23-22 mm. 6.75 grams.
20-nummi piece struck at Nicomedia
Sear 370 year 11 (575/6)
40-nummi pieces (with "M") are common from Nicomedia. The "K" pieces are less so.
Full flan. Reverse clear with "NI" for Nicomedia below the "K". 


Tiberius II, 578-582



Maurice, 582-602

Maurice, 582-602
Good bust with mappa and eagle-tipped scepter
Sear 534. DO 178
Year U = 5, struck 586/7.
Good facial details. [$19, reduced to $15]


Maurice, 582-602
21-20 mm.
Sear 497 year 4
[$24] A half follis of Cyzicus.



Phocas, 602-610 



Heraclius, 610-614 


Heraclius, 610-641
26-23 mm.
Two heads struck over a previous two-figure type of Heraclius (the cross at the top of the old coin is at 7:00 on this one)
Heraclian monogram-SC over the M side with CON for the mint visible (at the top in this orientation).
Sear 884
A nice deep Sicily countermark. [$35 SOLD]
Compare to this August 14, 2022 auction:  with a PR that would end up costing you about $110. 


Heraclius, 610-641
25-17 mm. 3.48 grams. This type is usually on a flan like this.
Heraclius, Heraclius Constantine and Martina
ANNO   M   Γ 
Sear 849
Spink NCirc Oct 1984 "strongly suggests the whole series was issued after the Arab occupation was complete in 640."
Lovely color and facial detail. Look at his beard! [$49, reduced to $39]


Constans II, 641-668

Constans II, 641-668
23-19 mm. 6.77 grams.
NEO down right
Sear 1005
Nice for type (which is always pretty bad)



Constans II, 641-668
21-19 mm. 5.21 grams. 
His bust with long beard, facing, K for Constans to the right
Three facing figures, Constantine IV in the middle, Heraclius and Tiberius to l. and rt.
Sear 1014 or similar.


Constans II, 641-668
20-17 mm. 3.98 grams.
Facing bust
Three busts above a small M. (The left two busts are almost gone.)
Ex James Lovette in 2006.
With his ticket, I think from Dan Clark's ancient coins, which notes he bought it in Feb. 1980.
Sear 1014. DOC 89 page 459f struck "666-668" 
[$17, reduced to $13] Compare to the $85 and $95 examples on vcoins.
Constans II, 641-668
Struck 652/3
29-24 mm (Pretty large for the era). 4.89 grams.
Emperor standing facing, I A to right (indicition year 11, which dates the coin)
M over SCL for the mint in Sicily at Syracuse.
Double struck
at 5:00 on the rerverse part of SB1107 (DOC 178) is visible.
Why would they overstrike a coin of the same ruler? I don't know, but they did.
ex James Lovette in 2006. Ex Joseph Lepczyk 40 (June 1981), lot 269, with his ticket for $27.50.
[$39, reduced to $33]

Constantine IV, 668-685 

Constantine IV, 668-695
Ragged 24-22 mm. 3.65 grams.
No legend. Bust facing, beardless, holding globus cruciger
M with monogram above and standing figures with long crosses on either side.
SCL in exergue for Sicily and its mint, Syracuse.
Sear 1207. Hahn III MIB 104 
[$59, reduced to $45]

Justinian II, first reign, 685-695


Constantine V, 741-775

[$33, reduced to $29] Constantine V and Leo IV
17 mm. 1.89 grams.
Two facing busts, Constantine and Leo IV
Facing bust of Leo III on the reverse.

Sear 1569
Lovely green patina. All three heads on the flan. Please compare this one to the Sear plate coin.



Constantine V and Leo IV, 741-775
17 mm.  Small.
Two facing busts, Constantine and Leo IV
Facing bust of Leo III on the reverse.
Sear 1569.  Please compare this one to his plate coin.

[$35, reduced to $31]  The previous coin shows longer bodies; this one has larger faces. Take your pick.


Leo V, 813-820

Leo V, 813-820
20 mm. 5.40 grams.
Sear 1635.  Lambda for Leo and K for Constantine.
[$22, reduced to $16]


Coins from Byzantine Cherson, a scarce mint:

Justinian, 527-565
15 mm. 5-nummia
Mint of Cherson
Bust right/monogram of Cherson
Sear 197. MIBE 253
[$85, reduced to $69] Excellent example. Bold monogram.
Cherson mint, anonymous from the time of Maurice (some say Justin II, but I don't agree)
25 mm. 9.00 grams. Large for type.
Two figures standing
Large Δ, figure standing to left with long cross-rho.
Sear 610, page 138, no photo--only a line drawing.
Hahn II Justin II 161b plate 10
Anokhin 318 plate XXII
DO I Maruice 301 plate LXXX
Grierson 163 plate 10.
Berk-England sale type of lot 79 which went for $4250 + fees in 1989!
Boldly struck. Good faces--even the eyes. Not tooled. Look on acsearch for comparable example and there has not ever been an example as nice for less. [$445]  This coin is worthy of a top auction where it would probably sell for much more. 


Esty Type E3
Theophilus, 829-842. 
Extremely rare. Not in any western reference catalogs. Known from Russian publications.
Very small.  AE 12. Tiny!  12:00. 0.97 gram.

 Sear -- (would follow 1685),  DO --.  A major rarity! 
 Anokhin 330. Sokolova VI.12  (i.e. It was known to the Russians before it was known in the west.)
[$395, reduced to $375]


Michael III, the Drunkard, 842-867
12-13 mm.  Small. 1.56 grams. Fairly thick.
Cast type from Cherson
MB  (Michael and Basil) distinct letters (often ligate, see the next coin)
ΠX   (small o above Π) for "polis" = city, X = Cherson
Sear 1699
Michael III has only one AE type from Constantinople and it is rare. This is a way to get a "Michael the Drunkard".
Bold for a cast type. Nice surfaces. [$79, reduced to $65]

Michael III, 842-867
12 mm.  Small. 1.44 grams. Fairly thick.
Cast type from Cherson
MB  (Michael and Basil) ligate letters
ΠX   (small o above Π) for "polis" = city, X = Cherson
Sear 1699
Bold for a cast type.  [$79, reduced to $59]

Basil I, 867-886
Mint of Cherson
B for Basil
Patriarchal cross on steps
dots either side.
This is a cast type. Often casts are weak, but this one is remarkably bold
Sear 1719  [$49] A really nice example.
Be careful with a comparison on vcoins where the seller says "The coin you receive may not be the actual coin photographed, but will be very similar for quality of strike and patina."  Mine is the coin you will get and it is outstanding for the type.



Leo VI, 886-912
17 mm. 2.43 grams.

Cross on steps with pellets either side
Sear 1731. Mint of Cherson.
Lead patina, uneven.  [$39, reduced to $35]


Romanus I, 920-944
(Romanus II, according to Sear, but I follow Anokhin, #419)
18 mm. 3.35 grams.
Monogram of Romanus, Cross on steps with pellets either side
Sear 1775  Mint of Cherson
Sometimes the "P" in the monogram is retrograde. This one is normal.
Even dark color, nearly black. Bold monogram. [$79, reduced to $69]


Michael II, 820-829



Theophilus, 829-842

Theophilus, 829-842.
24-21 mm. 4.17 grams.
Sear 1667
Name clear ΘΕΟFIL .. bASIL'
Nice green patina with some flaking.
[$39]  (Please compare to vcoins prices.)



[Others sold, except for one rarity from the Cherson mint, above]

Basil I, 867-886



Leo VI, 886-912


Constantine VII, 913-959



Anonymous folles and later, 970ff

Anonymous follis, Class A2
28 mm. 
Basil II and Constantine VIII, 976-1025
DO 32, ornament type 24
ex Dan Clark in 2005
Sear 1813
Nice patina. Clear reverse legend. [$45, reduced to $35]

Anonymous follis, Class A2
29-27 mm. 
Basil II and Constantine VIII, 976-1025
DO 32, ornament type 18

ex Dan Clark in 2005
Sear 1813
Nice head details. [$39, reduced to $31]

Anonymous follis, Class A2
Basil II and Constantine VIII, 976-1025
30-29 mm. 12.02 grams.
My favorite ornament design: crosses everywhere!
Sear 1813
[$37, reduced to $27]

Anonymous Class D AE follis
Attributed to Constantine IX Monomachus, 1042-1055
Obv: Christ, nimbate, seated facing on throne with back, wearing pallium and colobium, and holding book of Gospels with both hands; IC - XC across fields.
Rev: ISHS / bASILE / bASIL, legend in three lines with ornaments: - + - above; '- crescent -' beneath. 
SB 1836.  Constantinople 1045-1055.
Nice surfaces and not badly struck as are most examples. Please compare to vcoins prices. [$35, reduced to $33]

Anonymous follis, Class I
Nicephorus III, 1071-1081
26 mm. 6.09 grams.
Bust of Christ
Floral cross, X across center
Sear 1889
Lovely rust toning  [$32, reduced to $27]


Alexius I, 1081-1118

Byzantine Emperor Alexius I, 1081-1118
25 mm. 6.42 grams.
Pre-reform follis, struck 1081-1087(?) according to DOC.
NI KA in arms of a cross
4-line legend
Sear 1911
DOC 4.1 Alexius 19
This type is very rarely in nice condition. See the Sear and DOC examples to see what I mean.
Reddish patina  [$37, reduced to $33]


John II, 1118-1143


Manuel I, 1143-1180


Isaac II (1185-1195)


Alexius III, 1195-1203


Latin (Crusader) 




Michael VIII, 1261-1282





Andronicus II, 1282-1328




Andronicus III, 1328-1341



Arabic and Arab-Byzantine

Arabic/Islamic coins. 

Turkoman figural bronze
Al-Ashraf Muzaffar al-din Musa
AH 607-617    AD 1210-1220

Large. 31 mm. 14.00 grams.
Crouching ruler holding globe
triangular shild with convex middles to the sides
Legends in and around.
Album 859.1
Ballog Ayyubids 848
SSS Ayyubid 8
[$45, reduced to $33]
The man I bought it from bought it from the firm "Coins and Such" in Feb. 1977. He lived in Pensacola, Florida, and I have no idea where Coins and Such was.


Kashmir Smast
18 mm. 4.65 grams,
Shiva and bull/Brahmi akkharas  "300-400 AD"
north of Pakistan from the Kashmir Smast
Mitchner ACW 3666 "Kidarite prinicpality of the Kota Kala in the Punjab"
"c. 360/380-460"
Mitchner listed it as worth 45 pounds in 1978.
High grade. [$55, reduced to $39]

Nasir al-din Muhammad, 1249-1260
Jital. 16-15 mm. 3.50 grams.
ibn Hasan Qarlagh, Shah of Kurraman (NE Pakistan)
stylized horse right
Mitchner WoI 951
Remarkably nice horse depicted in just a few strokes [$39, reduced to $35]
ex. Jim Lovette (author of Biblical Related Coins) in 2007 

Umayyid fals
23 mm. 4.42 grams.
c. 700-740 AD (undated)
Wasit mint
Plant p. 39 for mint, p. 41 for obverse legend
Generally like Mitchner 91 (different mint)
Album p. 45 #9 for type
Well-centered and legends clearer than most
Bought by me in Jerusalem in 1972
[$35, reduced to $23]


Moghal (Mughal) Empire of India
20 mm in diameter and very thick at 7 mm. 20.10 grams.
1 dam (denomination)
Akbar mint
A very thick and chunky coin!  [$49, reduced to $29]
ex. Jim Lovette (author of Biblical Related Coins) in 2007 


Arab-Byzantine  all sold




Coins from Medieval Hungary:

Medieval Hungary. Anonymous. 12th C. 1141-1161
Tiny!  Silver 12 mm. 0.33 grams.
The denomination is called a "denar"" It is sometimes called a "penny."

Cross and crescents/cross in circles
Huszar 92. Rethy-Probszt 88, plate V group V p. 57, between 1141 and 1161.
Small, well-struck, and cute. [$33]

Medieval Hungary. Stephan II. 1114-1131
Tiny! Silver. 11 mm. 0.33 grams.

The denomination is called a "denar"" It is sometimes called a "penny."
Rethy-Probszt 66, plate V, Stephan II 1114-1131
Excellent centering on a small silver coin  [$31]

Medieval Hungary. Anonymous. 
Tiny! 13 mm. Silver. 0.33 grams.

The denomination is called a "denar"" It is sometimes called a "penny."
Time of Beles III, Emmerichs, and Andreas II" c. 1173-1235
according to Rethy-Probszt X-146 group D, plate IX page 64 and page 62.
Wonderful multiple crosses. Very well struck and centered. Rare. Have you ever seen a coin with this many crosses? [$79, reduced to $65]


World Coins

Bundi, Indian Princely State, 1 Paisa, 1872 (not ancient)
17-16 mm and very thick at 6 mm. 17.42 grams.

Odd-shaped coin! [$9, reduced to $7 + $4 shipping in the US--it is too thick for a normal envelope]



  Mexico. 1972. 5 pesos. KM 472  [$3]




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