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NEW: 2023, July 2:  Some rare Black Sea region coin books by Stavri Topalov.
2023, June 9. Almost all prices reduced, quite a few by a lot (even though they were already cheaper than anywhere else). I'm getting old and have many good books to pass along to collectors who would enjoy them. If you want a good ancient-numismatic library, you might consider buying many of the books on this page, all at once. Certainly the prices are very low. The expense would be not more than one nice Greek stater and you'd have the beginnings of a great and useful library!
2023, April 8: Monnaies Greco-Bactriennes et Indo-Grecques, by Osmund Bopearachchi.

2023, March 9: Roman and Early Byzantine Gold Coins found in Britain and Ireland and Morgantina Studies, Volume II: The Coins, and The History of Coins and Symbols in Ancient Israel and The Coinage of the Bar Kokhba War and Monnaies grecques en Gaul.

Of very special interest are: The Labors of Hercules and other heroic epics as depicted on Roman Provincial coinage Reference books on coins of the Jewish War, and Heiss on ancient Spainsale catalogs from NAC which offers colletions of the finest ancient coins, the Lanz "Leo Benz" collection of Roman imperial coins, part I, many Greek SNGs. Loeb Classics (Pausanius, Thucydides, etc.).

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Black Sea Region books. 

Odesos. Contribution to the Study of the Coin Minting of the City 4th 1st c. BC. B. C. By Stavri Topalov. Sofia: Nasco, Date: 1999.  Bilingual edition (in Bulgarian with 19-page English summary). Hard cover, 21 x 15 cm, 344 pp., ill.; net weight 500 gr. ISBN: 954-8556-10-3.CONTENTS:Preface1. Historical information about Odessos in the period 7th—1st c. B. C.2. Review of the studies connected with the coinage of Odessos3. Periodization of the coinage of the West Pontic cities 7th—1st c. B. C. Periodization of the coinage of Odessos4. Emergence of bronze coinage, denominations, names of the denominations and theoretical weights of the bronze coins of the West Pontic cities 4th—1st c. B. C.5. Images, symbols, inscriptions and monograms on the coins of Odessos 4th—1st c. B. C.6. Monetary circulation in the territory of Odessos in the 6th—5th c. B. C.Coinage of Odessos, 4th—1st c. B. C. Chronology, types, denominations1. Classical period in the coinage of Odessos (480/478—341/323 B. C.)2. Hellenistic period of the Odessos coinage (341/323—31 B. C.)2.1. Interruption of the coinage (341/323—281 B. C.). First stage (281—196/188 B. C.)2.2. Second stage (196/188—115/105 B. C.)2.3. The countermarking of coins of the Western Pointic cities by the deputies of Mithridates VI in the area of the West Pontic coast2.4. Third stage (115/105—72/71 B. C.)2.5. Fourth stage (ca. 63 B. C. — end of the Ist c. B. C.)3. Non-existent coins of Odessos described in studies so far. Catalogue of the coins of Odessos (4th—1st c. B. C.) (Mostly in Bulgarian and some in English) [$39]

The Odrysian Kingdom for the late 5th to the mid 4th C. B.C. Contributions to the study of its coinage and history. By Stavri Topalov. 1994. All in English. Hardcover. 21x15 cm. 172 pages, 37 coins plated. These are coins of scholarly interst, but not beautiful. Some line drawings. This book is very rare. I was unable to find any copies on the web. [$69]

Messambria Pontica. Contribution to the study of the coin minting of the city, 5th - 1st C.B.C. by Stavri Topalov. 1995. Hardcover. 21x15 cm. 212 pages, 61 coins plated. Most in Bulgarian. 33 pages of summary in English. Some line drawings. Many photos throughout. Foxing [$45]

Monnaies Greco-Bactriennes et Indo-Grecques, by Osmund Bopearachchi. In French. Large format. 459 pages and 69 page plates. Cardcover in very good condition. No marks except former owner's name on flyleaf and one note on the back flyleaf. Excellent condition. Not available anywhere but here, I think.  I looked at Amazon, ABE, AddAll, and a general DuckDuckGo search. This is an extremely valuable and desirable book to the right person.  Compare with this one:  sold in hardcover at $575+18% = $678.  [Here, $375 plus $8 shipping in the US only]


The Coinage of the Bar Kokhba War, Typos VI Hardcover, by Leo Mildenberg. A beautiful copy with dust jacket. All in excellent condition. The only copy on Amazon when I listed this was "collectible" at $595. I listed this copy both there and here. I'd prefer you buy it here and save me the Amazon fees. Here, [$495, reduced to $445]. (Any one of the silver coins costs more than that!).

The History of Coins and Symbols in Ancient Israel.  Hardcover – Illustrated. 1958. by Wolf Wirgin & Siegfried Mandel. Contents and cover in very nice shape. Inked notes on the last page of the index and back flyleaf. Inked former owner's name on the front flyleaf. [$34.95, reduced to $29] 

Morgantina Studies, Volume II: The Coins, by Buttrey, Erim, et al. Original hardcover (not the "legacy reprint" on Amazon). Princeton U Press, 1989. Hss 49 page plates of coins and 245 pages.  Very good condition. [$39, reduced to $34 SOLD]

Monnaies grecques en Gaule by Andreas Furtwanger. Typos III. Hardcover. 1978. 336 pages. 42 page plates of coins and 2 of landscapes. Not on Amazon as I write. I found it for $150 elsewhere, not as nice as this copy. Very good condition. No marks. Nice dust jacket. [$129, reduced to $99]

Nearly new. Roman and Early Byzantine Gold Coins found in Britain and Ireland by Roger Bland and Xavier Loriot, London, 2010, 372 pages, 22 plates, A4, red cloth, dust jacket. New. RNS Special Publication 46.  [$35, reduced to $29 + $6 shipping.]

Dolphin Coins.  Fixed-price lists 7 (Summer 1995), 8, 9, 10 (Winter 1996)  [English firm. Very few ancients, but Celtic and English hammered. Thin large-format catalogs. [$2 + shipping as one catalog (i.e. $4 shipping if nothing else is ordered). They'd cost $3 including shipping if you already paid for the basic $4 shipping by ordering something else.]

Coinage and Finances in the Reign of Domitian: A.D. 81-96 (BAR International) Paperback, 1983. Beautifully hardbound in heavy red cloth covers. Somebody did a nice job having it covered. The original cardcover book and its cover is all there after a flyleaf. Title in black on the spine. Unmarked and seems nearly new. [ $119, reduced to $99 +$5 shipping.] 

Book.  The large two-volume book by Estiot on coins of Aurelian and Florian, "Monnaies de l'Empire Romain, D' Aureline a Florien, 270-276", with 456 pages in French (most lists, tables, and coin IDs, easy to read), plus 100 page plates and 16 pages of color enlargements and many tables. This copy is excellent.
None on Amazon. AddAll at $199 or $220 but shipped from Europe.
Here, a very good copy at $180, reduced to $165 including shipping in the US only.

Book. Massive. Greek coins. SNG France 6.1 "Italie, Étrurie - Calabre" Paris 2003. 141 page plates of excellent photographs (better than older SNGs). Nearly new [$79 SOLD, reduced to $65 shipping in the US included]  12" x 8 1/2" by 1 1/2". Heavy glossy paper. 

Spectacular catalogs. Selected for being gorgeous or remarkably interesting!  WITH PRICES REALIZED, so you can see what they sold for. 

Sotheby's, 1993, Oct. 26 (Zurich) "Important Greek and Roman Coins, sold on instructions of the Agent: Numismatic Fines Arts" VHV. VHQP. Hardcover. 156 ancients. 84 G, 72 R. All spectacular quality. Most coins with color enlargements throughout and very long descriptions, many with a full page to themselves. One of the finest catalogs. Includes the finest EID MAR in gold! [$28, reduced to $23]
    Greek, Roman gold

Sotheby's, 1993, Oct. 28. (Zurich) "Greek and Roman Coins sold on instructions of the Agent: Numismatic Fines Arts" HV. HQP. Thick catalog. 1890 ancients (+11 ppl of color enlagements). 1074 G, 758 R, 58 Byz.  The "Samaria hoard" disbursed.  [$9, reduced to $7, seen for 20£ on vcoins]
    Samarian (31 lots, some multiple coins)

Numismatica Ars Classica (NAC). When the finest collections in the world are sold, they are usually sold with NAC. Many of their catalogs are devoted to spectacular coins of the highest value.
NAC 56 (2010, Oct. 8) HV. HQP. 404 ancients and 142 early medieval, all in color and most enlarged. 44 late Roman gold, 51 DA, 290 Byz (some AE and AR), 13 crusader, 22 Bulgarian, 122 early medieval, 3 Turkoman, 2 Huns, 4 Axum  (Many seldom-seen coins in great shape.)  [$12, reduced to $9] 
    Late Roman gold, Germanic migrations Dark Ages, Byzantine, and early medieval

Leu Numismatik, Zurich, Switzerland
11 (2022, May 14) Hardcover with dustjacket. 243 pages. 319 ancient coins. Most greatly enlarged as well as life-size. 187 G, 24 RP, 15 RR, 85 RI, 6 Byz, 1 seal, 2 Arab gold. Beautiful with lots of commentary.  [$12, reduced to $9 SOLD]
12 (2022, May 15) Hardcover with dustjacket. "The Collection of [Roman coins of] Dipl. Ing. Adrian Lang." 351 pages. 647 ancient coins. Most sides both greatly enlarged and life size. 16 RR, 528 TI, 4 Byz.  A pretty even representation of Roman coins throughout the duration of the empire. Beautiful. Half below $1000, half above, only a few above $10,000.  [$12, reduced to $9 SOLD]

The next ones are not so spectacular--just very nice catalogs. 

​​​​​​Helios. Three catalogs as one lot. [$9, reduced to $8 + shipping for three catalogs] Note:  My catalogs come with copies of the Prices Realized, which makes them far more valuable than a bare copy with only estimates. 
6  (2011, March 9-10) MV. HQP. 1165 ancients among 1289. 79 G, 33 RR, 141 RI including RP, 38 Byz. Then they starte again with more: 271 G, 126 RP, 63 RR, 314 RI, 92 Byz including AE, 5 Bulgaria,
7  (2011, Dec. 12-13) MV. HQP. 1087 ancients among 1343. (Unusually, coins a given series are not all grouped together. For example, Greek coins are found in two discontinuous places) Celtic 7+5, G 49+204, RR 17+58, G imitations 3, RR imitations 6, RI&RP 82, Byz 37+107+ 2 fourree, DA 1+5, RP 193 including 123 of Lower Moesia,  RI 296
    RP Lower Moesia (107)
8 (2012, Oct. 13) 616 ancients among 860. 47 + 175 G, 5 + 6 RR, 68 RI & RP, 22 Byz gold, 9 Celtic, 5 imitations, 69 RP, 139 RI, 55 Byz incl AE, 4 Gepids, 2 Bulgaria, 4 Crusader

Auction sale catalogs: Markov,  8 1/2" by 11" catalogs. Markov specializes in coins of the former Soviet Union, with strong selections of some series seldom seen elsewhere. He has remarkable runs of "Central Asian" pre-Islamic and Islamic coins. He has outstanding "Black Sea area" runs, such as Panticipaion, Kings of the Bosporus, and Byzantine AE from Cherson.  He also offers, but not in large numbers, traditional Greek and Roman coins. In the numbers inthe contents I will count early Central Asian (Sogdiana, Bukhara, Chach, Georgia, etc.) and early Arabic coins as "ancient."  buy or bid 2/15/95 (#1) [no PRs published for #1-3], 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10  [6, 7, 8, 9 with PRs], 11, 12 (lit only), 13
Detailed contents are here.  [$16, reduced to $12 + $8 shipping]


Kelten im Osten, Sammlung Lanz, by Michaela Kostial. 2003. Hardcover. 8 1/2" x 11 3/4". 195 pages. 1047 coins. None on Amazon. Seems sold out everywhere. Try a search yourself. [$139, reduced to $119]  (The most important book costs less than even a single one of most of these coins!)

Ancient history, not coins. Ancient Siege Warfare, by Paul Bentley Kerns. Nearly new hardcover with nice DJ. [$26 + shipping in poor shape on Amazon. Here $20, reduced to $16 SOLD + $4 shipping in very nice condition.] 

I have some ex-library Loeb Classics. They are all small hardcover books, 6 5/8" by 4 1/2", with the ancient text and its English translation on facing pages. For sale in the US only! They tell the stories than make your ancient coins interesting. They are withdrawn, long ago, from the Montana State University library. I used to work at MSU. The titles and photos of the books are below.

Numismatica Ars Classica (Zürich)  "NAC". These are the finest catalogs of the finest collections. Many are downright spectacular! I am listing them on these linked pages:  By catalog number. NAC catalogs emphasizing Roman gold

I am getting old and trying to get my extensive catalog collection (assembled with a lot of effort over many years) into the hands of collectors who would enjoy and appreciate them.  Since you probably don't know precisely what is in them, I have priced them low so you are highly likely to be pleased if you like sale catalogs at all. Take a chance on these. I'd take them back if you didn't like them, but they are so inexpensive that shipping will be a good part of the cost to you. If you have bought from me before, you know that they would normally cost much worth more than I ask. List below


Coin books begin here, organized by collecting theme. General,
Greek, Celtic, Biblical, Roman Provincial, Roman Republican, Roman Imperial, Roman Gold, Byzantine, English, Medieval, Scholarly journals, sale catalogs by firm.

General ancient-coin books (that have both Greek and Roman coins)

Sammlung Franz Trau: Munzen Der Romischen Kaiser. The Attic books reprint of 1976. A famous collection. 53 page plates of special coins. Includes (long outdated) prices realized and 130 pages of listings in German. [$49.95, reduced to $29, reduced to $25]

Book:  Bearers of meaning: The Ottilia Buerger collection of ancient and Byzantine coins at Lawrence University. Large paperback 8 1/2" x 11". 147 coins, many high-quality Greek and Roman gold, on 208 pages, all much enlarged in B&W with mediocre photos and a long paragraph or two of discussion. [Originally $45, but it is not worth that. Here, $8, reduced to $6]

Greek Coins  (Roman, etc. follow chronologically) 

Portraits of Royal Ladies on Greek Coins, by. L. Forrer, 1969 thin hardcover. 72 pages. 1-3 coins illustrated per page.   $10 on Amazon. Here $6, reduced to $5 SOLD.

Facing Heads of Ancient Greek Coins, by Agnes Baldwin. 1914 reprint. Pamphlet. 23 pages plus 4 page plates crammed with photographs of obverse only of coins with facing heads. [$6, reduced to $5 SOLD]

Griechische Münzen, by Imhoof-Blumer. 1972. Hardcover. 271 pages plus 378 photos. Text in German. Original in very nice shape with no interior marks. Dust jacket is also nice but for a crease along the top about 1/2" down. [$21, reduced to $18]
Book on Corinthian pegasus coins:

Les "Poulains" de Corinthe, Tomb II by Oscar E. Ravel. Tomb II (de 414-300 AV J.-C.) with plates XXIV-LXXVII
It is the 1948 original version. Pages are foxing and the cover is still on well but the connection with the flyleaves in cracking.  [$149, reduced to $129 + $4 shipping in the US only] A major reference for less than the cost of one of the coins. 

Coins of the Seleucid Empire from the collection of Arthur Houghton, part II, by Oliver Hoover. Seleucus I to Cleopatra Selne and Antiochus XIII. 906 coins, all beautifully illustrated in B&W. ACNAC of the ANS. New. New dust jacket. Not available anywhere I could find on the web except the publisher--the ANS. Not Amazon, nore vcoins, nor AddAll, nor a straight-out google search. [$75, reduced to $65]

Monnaie de Tarente, Collection Claudius Cote.  Attic book reprint of a famous Ratto catalog devoted to coins of Tarentum. 600 coins of Tarentum illustrated, but not well, plus 42 pages of lot descriptions, in French. paperback [$12.50 used on Amazon, $8, reduced to $7 here] "Boy on a dolphin" coins.

An Inventory of Greek Coin Hoards, edited by Thompson, Morkholm, and Kraay. Cardcover. 408 pages. Very good condition with no marks. ANS Publication, 1973. $124.76 on Amazon. [$85, reduced to $55 here.] 



BMC Greek, the whole set in matched Fourni reprint edition.
30 books, 38" of shelf space. Used, but unmarked and all in good shape. You can buy occasional volumes individually, but you will have difficulty buying the complete matched set elsewhere. Yes, it is expensive, but it is a wonderful and often-cited reference (and Greek coins are expensive, too!) [$2,100, reduced to $1895, reduced to $1845 in the US only, including shipping.]

If you own SNG Copenhagen (Danish). I made a map of the regions covered by each of the 8 volumes of SNG Copenhagen (Danish).
It was not so obvious which volume to look in to find coins of various cities, but with this map you can find the right volume rapidly.  If you have the volumes, print this and put it with your books.

[SNG Lockett]. Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum. British Series. Volume III. The Lockett Collection. All five parts. Part I. Spain-Italy. Part II. Sicily-Thrace. Part III. Macedonia-Aegina (Gold and Silver). Part IV. Peloponnese-Aeolis (Gold and Silver). Part V. Lesbos-Cyrenaica: Addenda (Gold and Silver). (London; Published for the British Academy, 1938-49). Complete in five parts. Each volume is thin. Folio. 64 fine plates illustrating 3,542 coins with accompanying pages of descriptive text. All in the original printed card covers. Fine condition. Important and seldom offered, original edition of this major collection. Clain-Stefanelli 1913. Daehn 1971. Kroh p. 13 (four stars).
My set is in better condition from the looks of the bindings (CNG's were far from "very fine"). Their set went for $1900 + fees in summer 2019. If you know who the underbidder was, let him or her know of this set which is better and much less expensive. [$1495, reduced to $1295, reduced to $1095]  Do not buy this unless you know it and really want it. 

Sylloge Nummorem Graecorum (all folio, that is, very tall, about 15", but not thick):

SNG ANS Part 3: Bruttium-Sicly I: Abacaenum-Erex. Folio, cardcover. 1975. 1348 coins photographed. Excellent condition. No marks in the interior. "Bruttium-Sicly: A-E" inked on the spine. Cover slightly faded.  [was $295 on Amazon and now (2022, Feb.) out of stock. Here $140, reduced to $115 + $8 shipping]

 SNG IV Fitzwilliam Museum, Leake and General Collections, part VIII, Syria-Nabathaea.  Folio. 1971. Covers very thick. Plates 117-136.  Excellent plates. None on Amazon or vcoins and a book consolidator search found none. [$39, reduced to $33, reduced to $29 + $8 shipping (it is folio!)]

SNG IV Fitzwilliam Museum, Leake and General Collections, part II, Sicily-Thrace.  Folio. 1972. Covers very thick. Pages XV-XXXIII. Very fine, but inked "Sicily  Thrace" on spine. [$49, reduced to $45 + $8 shipping, it is folio]

SNG Deutschland Statliche Munzsammlung Munchen, volume 1 (Hispania-Gallia Narbonensis) Cardcovers. 432 coins on 17 folio page plates. Fine. No marks. Excellent for ancient Spain and Gaul [$39, reduced to $29, reduced to $25 + $8 shipping in the US only] 

Sasasanian Coin books:

[all sold]

Celtic, Gallic 

Kelten im Osten, Sammlung Lanz, by Michaela Kostial. 2003. Hardcover. 8 1/2" x 11 3/4". 195 pages. 1047 coins. None on Amazon. Seems sold out everywhere but here. Try a search yourself. [$139, reduced to $119]  (The most important book costs less than even a single one of most of these coins!)

Roman Provincial coins = Greek Imperial coins

Voegtli, H. Bilder der Heldenepen in der kaiserzeitlichen griechischen Munzprägung. (Aesch, 1977). Dr. Voegtli's (formerly of Münzen und Medaillen AG) doctoral dissertation on the Labors of Hercules and other heroic epics as depicted on Roman Provincial coinage. A4. Cardcover. 168 pages (in German) plus 24 individual page plates (loose and designed to be tucked into a slot in the back cover. It looks like a typewritten thesis with 24 individual page plates. Rare and interesting. Excellent condition. [Very rare! $179, reduced to $139, reduced to $99] (This is probably less than the cost of one nice coin of these types.)

A. Heiss, Description generale des Monnaies Antique de l'Espagne [Ancient Coins of Spain] 1870, Forni Reprint (The date of the reprint is not given in the book, but it looks old), in one large volume, 548 pages plus 68 plates of line drawings. 9" by 12". 2" thick. Maroon hardcover. No marks. Some foxing. Very good condition. Remarkably nice. As far as I can tell, it is unavailable elsewhere and sold for $300 + fees in a 2012 auction. [$265, reduced to $165, reduced to $125, reduced to $115] Listed for $355 in paperback on Amazon, but this one is hardcover!


Holy Land, Jewish, Biblical

The Numismatic Legacy of the Jews: As depicted by a distinguished American collection. Hardcover. 9" x 11 1/2". 211 pp. Photographs in B&W enlarged throughout plus 228 on 11 page plates. Excellent condition. [$23, reduced to $19]

Coins of the Jewish War of 66-73 C. E. [Corpus Nummorum Palaestinensium, Vol. III] (Hardcover, 1960) by Leo Kadman. 205 pages. 59 coins on five page plates.  Good condition. Dustjacket has 2" tear. [$45, reduced to $35, reduced to $33]

Sternberg auction catalog 26  (16 Nov. 92)  HV. HQP. 510 ancients on 26 ppl in B&W + 2 E + 3 color (+ 22 ppl + 2 E + 2 C of cut stones and small bronzes)
    177 G, 292 R, 41 Byz.    [$4, reduced to $3, reduced to $2]
    Yehud (17, each natural size and also x3)

QEDEM 4  Monographs of the Institute of Archaeology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  Bullae and Seals from a Post-Exilic Judaen Archive, by Nahman Avigad.   Hardcover.   36 pages in English,  15 plates, 4 pages with images of lettering.  Also, the entire text in Hebrew.  Excellent condition except "Seals Judaea" written in ink in the spine  (since the title isn't!). No interior marks and almost seems new. [$30 on Amazon, $19 here, reduced to $12, reduced to $9]

Roman Egypt:

The Coinages of the Nomes and Prefectures of Roman Egypt, by Rouge and Feurardent. Small paperback. Obol reprint. Some pages loose, but all there. [$5, reduced to $4]


Roman Republican:




Rodewald: Money in the Age of Tiberius. Hardcover.  $25 on Amazon.  $12, reduced to $10 here.  HC. VG.  [Economics and money, not collecting]

The Nietulisko Hoards of Roman Denarii [from Poland] by Kunka Mitkowa-Szubert.  Paperback, 1989. 9 1/2" by 6 3/4". 199 pages, almost all English, plus 69 plates of hoard coins, almost all Trajan to Commodus.  For the specialist scholar. Out of print. Not on Amazon. $37 on ABE but the copy is in Europe. [$35, reduced to $17, reduced to $8]

Monnaies de Fouilles du Sud-Est de la Gaule, by Claude Brenot et Jean-Pierre Callu. In French. 113 pages plus 5 page plates of coins, some Gallic but most Roman imperial coins in bad shape. Universite de Paris X Nanterre, Centre de recherches sur l"antiquite tardive et le haut moyen age, cashier no. III - 1978. You do not want this unless you are trying to build a major library complete for such things. [$19, reduced to $4].

Sternberg 28  (Oct 30, 1995)  Joint with Freeman and Sear. HV. MQP. 305 Roman imperial AE on 26 ppl + 2 color.  [$5, reduced to $4]
    Roman imperial AE (305)


For Trajan lovers!
Trajan and the King of Armenia.
An old print, taken from a book, plate XXII from volume IV, I think. I don't know which book. An eBay seller is selling different pages which he claims are from 1620 (mine is old, but I doubt it is that old. His pages are probably copies, not originals, from a book from 1620). His price $185 + $16 shipping, and his pages are cut down so the "Tome IV" part is missing.

This one could be framed. My price $29, reduced to $27 + $10 shipping in the US only.
Minor crease along the bottom right corner. Short tears along the top edge. Nice condition and worthy of hanging on the wall.




Go to major references on:   Greek, Celtic, Biblical, Roman Provincial, Roman Republican, Roman Imperial, Roman Gold, Byzantine, English, Medieval, Scholarly journals, sale catalogs by firm.

Roman Gold Coins: 

Important NAC catalogs emphasizing Roman gold are listed on their own page:  NACgold.html  

1990, Nov. 29 "Men of Rome, the John Whitney Walter Collection" VHV. VHQP.  79 very high quality ancient Roman portrait coins, almost all gold, in an attempt to create the longest run of Roman portrait gold. Long paragraphs of description. Spectacular!  For example, two portraits of Brutus in gold. Emperors through Severus Alexander, including Pertinax, Didius Julianus, Pescennius Niger, Clodius Albinus, Macrinus, Diadumenian, and other rarities as aureii. A few denarii as included. All photographed in B&W plus very large enlargements in color.  Usually two coins per two pages. [$19, reduced to $15] (29£ on vcoins.)
    Roman gold (79)

UBS  (Zurich, Switzerland)  75 (2008, Jan. 22) "Roman Gold Coins." Hardcover. VHV. HQP. 145 Roman gold coins, 4 Republican and 141 imperial, all in color and enlarged in color.  [$10, , reduced to $8, with PR, of course] 
    Roman gold (145)

Small group of catalogs emphasizing Roman gold: Hirsch 193, 135 coins in color and enlarged in color. Rauch 56, 165 coins in B&W, photos not great, a four more very thin offerings of gold coins. [$4 for the group]
Sincona 41 (2017 Oct. 23) Hardcover. 280 ancients, mostly gold. 31 Philip II and Alexander staters. Early Roman gold, late Roman gold, 87 Byz gold, 2 Visigothic gold.  [$8, reduced to $6, with printed PR, of course]


Late Roman

LeCam, Guy. La fin de l'empire romain et le monnayage or en Italie 455-493 [Two massive hardcover volumes.] 1983. Nearly new. [$455, reduced to $425 + $15 shipping in the US only--they are huge!] All the gold coins of that period, usually numerous examples of each type, many greatly enlarged. Text in French. If you can afford one late Roman gold coin, you might want this massive work to see very many photos of all the types.  

Catalog: Stack's 1984, May 5. The Frederick S. Knobloch Collection of Late Roman and Byzantine Coins" small format. 679 lots, many not illustrated. (I'd guess about 400 of the best are illustrated) 569 gold and silver from Diocletian to the end of the empire, 310 Byzantine gold and silver. (A few excellent copper coins are illustrated)  [$9, reduced to $7, reduced to $5
, reduced to $4]
    Late Roman and Byzantine gold and silver (579, many not illustrated)

Late Roman argenti (silver)
Nomos 3 (2011, May 10) VHV. VHQP. 259 ancients among 263. 2 Celtic, 159 G, 10 RR, 79 RI including 41 argentei from "the tetrarchy collection", 6 Byz, 3 Merovingian [$5, reduced to $4, reduced to $3]
     late Roman argentei (41)

    Scholarly journals (NC, ANJ) below


Late Roman and early Byzantine:  Long ago my interest in late Roman coins caused me to want Hendy's "Studies in the Byzantine Monetary Economy, c. 300-1450." I could not find a copy for sale, so I photocopied parts. Now I was able to find and buy a copy, so my photocopies are extra. I have the Table of Contents (v-ix), Introduction ((1-18), Chapter 5 on "Supply" (257-305), Chapter 6 "Supervision" (316-345), Chapter 7 "Administrative basis" (371-409),  Chapter 8 Coin Production "History" (448-493), and "Preliminary Observations" (553-569), Future Directions" (662-667) Key to Plates (713-719) the late Roman plates, 1-3. Many pages have many pencil marks such as underlining.  Total, $3, reduced to $2.

Byzantine Seals, Spink auction 132. 25 May 1999. 112 major Byzantine seals plus 102 ancients. The focus is on the seals. B&W. [$4, reduced to $3, with PR]

Baldwin's 5 (11 Oct. 1995)  "Byzantine Gold Coins from the P. J. Donald Collection" 285 Byz gold on 12 large ppl. Photos okay but worse than most. [$5
reduced to $1]
    Byzantine gold (285)

Elsen 125 (2015, June 13) 1085 ancients among 1982. 120 G, 157 Celtic, 25 RR, 130 RI, 16 RP, 544 Byz gold and silver "Collection Henri Potteir", 32 Carolingian  [$7, reduced to $5]
    544 Byzantine gold and silver

Sternberg catalog 8  (11/78)  MV, HQP.  1015 ancients. 339 G, 41 Aksum, 374 R, 238 Byz including AE, 18 Arab-Byz, on 50 ppl + 2E  [I love this selection of AE: $8, reduced to $5, reduced to $4]
    Aksumite (41), Byzantine AE (among 238)



[all sold]

Medieval, Arabic, Armenian, etc.:



English Coins:


Arabic, World

Arabic:  Sylloge Numorum Arabicorum Tubingen (German Edition, but there are only several pages of text; it is an SNG-style folio book.) (Paperback) Palastina, IV a Bilad as-Sam I, by Lutz Ilisch.  Folio. 577 Arabic coins from Palestine (with a page of Arab-Byzantine) on 18 very large plates. [$87 on Amazon.  $55, reduced to $47 here + $8 shipping (because it is so tall)]


World Coin books

Le Bestiare des Monnaies, des Sceaux, et des Medailles. Heavy glossy paperback with XLIV plus 535 pages of articles in French on animals on coins and medals. Only a fraction is on ancient coins. You won't want this unless you read French, since it is mostly text--not an exhaustive list of photos.  No internal flaws. 3/4' tear at the top of the spine (could be easily taped). [$39, reduced to $12, reduced to $9]


Go to major references on:   Greek, Celtic, Biblical, Roman Provincial, Roman Republican, Roman Imperial, Roman Gold, Byzantine, English, Medieval, Scholarly journals, sale catalogs by firm.

Scholarly Journals

ANS American Journal of Numismatics 13 [$1]


Ancient-coin sale catalogs by firmCNG,  Lanz, NAC
etc. in alphabetical order


I am getting old and trying to get my extensive catalog collection (assembled with a lot of effort over many years) into the hands of collectors who would enjoy and appreciate them.  Since you probably don't know precisely what is in them, I have priced them low so you are highly likely to be pleased if you like sale catalogs at all. Take a chance on these. I'd take them back if you didn't like them, but they are so inexpensive that shipping will be a good part of the cost to you. If you have bought from me before, you know that they would normally cost much worth more than I ask. 

Large lots most-recently added:

A single lot of catalogs of Elsen. All B&W photos. All with PR. [7 heavy catalogs, $6 + shipping which I will guess is $10 for a total of $16.]
57  (1999, March 6) 882 ancients among 2131. 2 3/4 plates of Black Sea ancients.
59  25 plates among many. 3 Black Sea. Cut down to just the plates with ancients.
61  (2000, March 18-19. 30 ppl of ancients among 51 ppl with 2091 coins. 2 page plates of excellent tetarchal AE, 5 ppl Roman Egypt.
62  (2000, June 24)  24 ppl of ancients among many. Page plates: 1.5 Spanish, 0.5 Celtic, 8 G, 3 Black Sea, 2 Sas, 0 RR, 8 RI  Cut down to just the plates with ancients.
63  (2000, Sept. 16) 43 ppl of ancients + 4 ppl of Arabic among 77. Page plates: 1.5 Celtic, 20 G, 2 RR, 13 RI, 3 Byz gold, 1 Parthian, 1 Sas, 1 G-Oriental

67 (2001, Sept. 15)  34 pages plates of ancients.  Cut down to just the plates with ancients.
71 (2002, Sept. 20-21) 40 page plates of ancients. Cut down to just the plates with ancients.

Here are group lots of catalogs that begin with "A". 

Antiqua (Steve Rubinger, formerly president of NFA and still dealing with very high quality coins) fixed-price lists. Catalogs beautifully produced: 1, 1A, 2-16 (2011)(small format and thin. Some excellent antiquities. Mostly 3, 4, and 5-digit prices. c. 100-150 ancients and some antiquities per catalog. Generally very high quality coins. The run 1-16 [$29, reduced to $25 + shipping as 2 catalogs]  e.g Circus Maximus, Cleoparta portrait, IDE MAR, Nero medallion, Alexander of Carthage, Procopius gold, etc.

Aretusa (Lugano, Switzerland) 11 3/4" by 8 1/4" (large) 
1  (18 Sept. 1993) MV. MQP. 373 ancients among 700 on 21 ppl among 44. 85 G, 28 Aksumite, 156 RR (including aes grave and AE), 92 RI, 10 Byz.
    Aksumite (28)
2  (13-14 May 1994)  MV. MQP.  521 ancients among 1477 on 28 ppl among 108 ppl. 191 G, 281 R, 35 Byz, 13 DA.  [The pair, $5, reduced to $4]

Argenor (Paris, France*) A4 format. 40% ancients. April 25, 2002 (B&W, with PR); April 22, 2004 (B&W with PR); 2006, May 3 (color, no PR); 2007, May 9 (color, no PR);  [4 issues , $8, reduced to $4]

Ariadne Galleries (New York) glossy 8 1/4 by 11 3/4 inches.  MV. MQP. Excellent B&W photographs on plates throughout. 
1981, Dec. 9.   521 ancients illustrated throughout, plus 5 ppl. E.
1982, Sept. 15.  304 ancients.
1982, Dec. 7.  352 ancients, illustrated throughout plus 5 ppl E.
1983, Dec. 9.  406 ancients.   [4 catalogs, all with PR, $12, reduced to $8 SOLD]  

Athena (Munich, Germany)  Issued only three auction catalogs, although they issued at least 33 fixed-price lists. Excellent B&W photographs on page plates. Each MV with MQP.
 (1987, Oct. 8)  392 ancients on 20 ppl plus 1 color ppl. ,160 G, 13 RR, 198 RI (including a few large RP), 19 Byz, 1 DA
2  (1988, Oct. 4)  637 ancients on 32 ppl.  246 G, 19 RR, 308 RI (including many large RP), 62 Byz (including many AE)
3  (1990, May 15)  625 ancients among 745 lots on 31 ppl among 37.  263 G, 6 RR, 309 RI (including many large RP), 39 Byz, 6 lead seals, 2 Visigothic, 15 Venice ducats, 23 Arabic, 46 antiquities.    [3 catalogs, the whole run, each with PR. $12, reduced to $8 SOLD]


Baldwin's (London)   
8 1/4" by 11 5/8" glossy catalogs. Most have a majority of coins that are not ancients, usnually including nice British coins. Usually the photography is the worst among major firms. Many images have glare or just are dull.

3  (1994, Oct. 5) 179 ancients on 11 ppl among 484 lots on 34 ppl.  83 aes grave RR plus 7 more RR AE, 2 contorniates, 2RR AR, 85RI  (no Greek), 2 Anglo-Saxon sceates.  [no PR]
    aes grave RR (83 on 8 large ppl.)   
4 210 ancients  [with PR]
6  (1995, Oct. 11) 299 ancients (most, but not all photographed) on 10 ppl among 998 on 41 ppl.  163 G, 68 Parthian (only 34 photographed), 20 large Persis photographed, 53 RR including AE, 70 RI  [catlog cut down to discard the non-ancient coins part, so damaged] [with PR]
7  (1996, May 2) 307 ancients (most, but not all photographed) among 1073 on 8 1/2 ppl among 32. 147 G photos with lots of AE,  39 RR AE photos, 42 RI photos,  8 Byz photos, and excellent Theodahat large AE,  19 ancient weights, 29 crusaders and Kindom of Sicily  [with PR]
12 (1997 May 27) 190 ancients  [no PR]
14  99 ancients  [no PR]
15 ("125 years", 1997 Oct. 13) 25 ancients among 125. [no PR]

23 (2000, May 3) 338 ancients  [with PR]
28 (2001, Oct. 9) 203 ancients [no PR]
33 (2003 May 7) 313 ancients [no PR]
47 (2006 Sept 25) 251 ancients [with PR]
FPL very thin June 2002 
FPL very thin "List No, 1" November 2004
Unlike the earlier numbered catalogs, the following Baldwin's fixed-price lists have good color photos wtih many enlargements

FPL Winter 2008 (color photos, finally pretty good!) 145 ancients.
FPL Summer 2009 (color photos, pretty good) 148 ancients
FPL Winter 2010-2011 148 ancients. 
FPL Summer 2011 235 ancients
FPL Summer 2012 167 ancients 

All the Baldwin's catalogs above make a 5" pile. Total, $4 plus shipping which I think might be $14, i.e. $18.


Bertolami Fine Arts, 24 (June 22-23, 2016) 1019 lots of ancient in color. [no PR, $4, reduced to $3]

Artemide Kunstauktionen XXXVII, (2012, Dec. 8) 242 lots of ancient in color. Plus the famous the Pisonello John VIII medal in bronze.  [with PR $5, reduced to $4]

astArte (Lugano. 6 (2001, Oct. 10-11) 512 B&W ancients plus 3 color plates. Very large format--larger than A4! [$3, reduced to $2]

Elsen 65 (2001, March 17-18) 997 ancients, 200 Islamic. Including 74 12 Caesars AE, and another 98 later AE. B&W with PR. [$4, reduced to $2]



Catalogs by firm. Individual catalogs.

All the auction catalogs come with PR's (unless marked otherwise)

CNG = Classical Numismatic Group   The most prominent American ancient-coin firm.Triton I, II, III, and IV (not part II of IV which was only Polish coins):  [Usually $25 each on vcoins when they have them (they have none as I write this), here $15, reduced to $12, each]  I think they are before CoinArchives. 

48  is Triton II  (12/98) 1206 ancients among 1331, many enlarged throughout + 16 color E. 547 G, 25 Parthian, 39 Baktrian, 42 RP, 23 aes grave, 60 RR, 359 RI, 5 DA, 15 Celtic England, 22 Anglo Saxon, 27 pennies  [$15, reduced to $9, reduced to $7]
     Baktrian (39)
52  was Triton III  (Nov. 30 and Dec. 1, 1999) 1374 ancients among 1654, many enlargements throughout, + 13 color E among 15 + 4 full page B&W enlargements. 728 G, 77 RP, 151 RR, 327 RI, 8 DA, 54 Byz, 5 Celtic England, 2 English DA, 20 pennies  [$12, reduced to $8, reduced to $6]
    RR and imperatorial gold (46)
56 was Triton IV (12/00) in two volumes, with the second catalog entiredly devoted to Polish coins -- perhaps the finest Polish collection ever offered [not offered here].  The first volume has 892 ancients among 1015, many enlargements throughout + 13 color E among 15.  352 G. 33 RP, 52 RR, 318 RI, 3 DA, 122 Byz, 3 Celtic England, 3 English DA, 7 pennies.  [The first volume wihout Polish coins: $10, reduced to $7, reduced to $6]

49  (3/99)  mbs.  2076 ancients among 2349.  888 G (including 12 AE Kings of the Bosporus), 250 RP, 59 Roman Egypt, 98 RR, 576 RI (including 59 AE fractions, quadrans), 6 DA, 103 Byz, Viking 4, 28 Celtic England, 17 English DA, 25 English  [$6, reduced to $4 SOLD]
    Roman imperial AE fractions and quadrans (59, including 6 of the mines), Augustus (41)
50  (6/99)  mbs. 1904 ancients among 2064.  630 G, 113 RP, 8 Celtic denarii, 156 RR, 366 RI AE including 10 contorniates and 24 medallions (Vermuelle collection), 38 fake seseterii and Becker's, 414 RI, 15 DA, 51 Byz, 5 Celtic England, 4 Anglo-Saxon, 13 pennies  [$6, reduced to $4 SOLD]
    Zodiac drachms of Roman Egypt (12), Athens AE (69), Athens New Style (81), Roman mediallions (24), contorniates (10)

54  (6/00)  mbs.  1984 ancients among 2217. 78 brockages, 24 Celtic, 800 G, 160 Baktrian and Indo-Greek, 136 RP, 170 RR, 494 RI, 8 contorniates, 12 DA, 79 Byz, 6 Beneventum, 9 Celtic England, 6 English DA, 8 pennies  [$5, reduced to $3 SOLD]
    brockages (78), Baktrian and Indo-Greek (160), Caesaria in Cappadocia (39), Septimius Severus legionary (20)   

Helios (Munchen = Munich, Germany) The firm opened in 2008. Coins are very well-photographed in full color, without enlargements, illustrated throughout.  Descriptions are in German. Coins tend to be moderate value with numerous usual high-value exceptions. There are interesting collections offered, not just nice coins. Their Byzantine coins include excellent AE.

8 (2012, Oct. 13) 616 ancients among 860. 47 + 175 G, 5 + 6 RR, 68 RI & RP, 22 Byz gold, 9 Celtic, 5 imitations, 69 RP, 139 RI, 55 Byz incl AE, 4 Gepids, 2 Bulgaria, 4 Crusader    [$4, reduced to $3, reduced to $2

Hirsch 313 "Sammlung J.G.J. Hardcover (2015, Sept. 23) 118 lots on 45 pages. Very high quality, color and enlarged in color. [$5
, reduced to $3]



Manhattan Sale (see Freeman & Sear)

Munzen und Medallien = M&M = Monnaies et Medailles (Basel, Switzerland) Many of the highest-quality coins have been sold by M&M - one of the most prominent firms in the world until they folded in 2004.
    Most early issues are in French. Some are in German.
    Very high value to high value coins. There are generally wonderful collections, not just nice coins fresh out of the ground.
    If M&M has late Roman or Byzantine, it is almost always gold. They have fixed-price lists that might offer an outstanding piece in copper, but these auctions do not, in contrast to, say, Sternberg, who often does. So, when the list here says, say, "85 Byz" do not expect any to be copper.

35   (6/67)  HV. MQP. 246 ancients among 645 on 15 ppl + 2 E (+ 2 ppl bracteates + 25 other) 212 R, 33 Byz.  
53  (11/77)  VHV. HQP.  306 ancients on 21 ppl + 3 E + 1 color. 173 G, 133 R.  
68  (4/86)  VHV. MQP.  463 ancients on 28 ppl + 3 E. 325 G, 111 R, 27 Byz. 
95  (2004, Oct. 4)  178 ancients among 463 plus one color ppl among 5. HV. MQP.  110 G, 64 RI, 4 Byz.   
  [This is the end of the M&M series. They went out of business. All four as one lot, $12 + $7 shipping.]

NAC (see Numismatica Ars Classica, below)

New York Sale (Baldwin's, M&M Numismatics, and Vecchi in conjunction for 1 and 2, just Baldwin's and M&M Numismatics for 3, Baldwin's, M&M Numismatics, and Markov for 4-7)  All high value coins with high quality presentation.

23  (2010, Jan 6)  288 ancient, 100 India, some Islamic [$4, reduced to $1, reduced to free! with an order. SLD]
28  (2012, Jan 5)  MV in color with some enlargements. 93 ancient coins among 285. 50 G, 2 RP, 3 RR, 34 RI, 1 Taman Goth, 1 Byz, 2 ancient British  [$2, reduced to free, with an order. SOLD]


Numismatic Fine Arts = (NFA)
[all sold]

Many NAC catalogs. The finest catalogs ever produced. Totally gorgeous coins and excellent cataloging.
Numismatica Ars Classica (NAC)
Numismatica Ars Classica  (auction sales)  (Swiss firm, but text in English, with PRs)

The numbered sales are all superb, with highest quality coins and major rarities. All coins are very well illustrated with excellent high-quality photos. The numbered sales have additional color plates and plates of enlargements. There are also four special sales.
If you know CNG catalogs, think of the NAC numbered sales as, on average, significantly higher quality coins, equally well photographed, with less description, but far more enlargements and use of gorgeous color. If you like CNG quality coins, you will love these.
All with "Prices Realized."  That is important. PRs are not easy to find. Most catalogs come without PRs. If you buy these elsewhere, you probably won't get the PR and won't be able to tell what the coins really sold for.

NAC ancient-coin catalogs listed on their own page:

Here are important, but not ancient-coin, NAC catalogs:
[14 is a huge and spectacular collection of coins of the Popes and Italian and Spanish mints -- not ancients. $15, reduced to $9, reduced to $5 + $6 shipping.]
[16  is not ancients, rather Italian, Spanish, huge 128 B&W plates plus XXX color plates!  $15, reduced to $9, reduced to $5 + $6 shipping]
[28  (Jan. 31, 2005)  Hapsberg [not ancients, reduced to $0 + $5 shipping] 

A few Sternberg catalogs:
26  (16 Nov. 92)  HV. HQP. 510 ancients on 26 ppl + 2 E + 3 color (+ 22 ppl + 2 E + 2 C of cut stones and small bronzes)
    177 G, 292 R, 41 Byz.    [$4, reduced to $3]
    Yehud (17, each natural size and also x3)

28  (Oct 30, 1995)  Joint with Freeman and Sear. HV. MQP. 305 Roman imperial AE on 26 ppl in B&W + 2 color.  [$5, reduced to $4] Beautiful sestetii. 
    Roman imperial AE (305)

Tkalec  (Usually one catalog per year, numbered by the year. VHQP. Superb photography in catalogs since 1991.)

Although catalogs have many very high value coins, they are not all rare coins. They seem to regularly offer some common coins in superb condition with spectacular patina or toning. All their catalogs since 1994 are truly beautiful. Swiss firm, catalogs in English. All spectacular!
    Tkalec has old PRs on his site, but the site is not well-designed or maintained and the link is hard to find, so here it is:
2005, 2006, 2007 Feb, 2007 April, Sept 2008, May 2009, May 2010, May 2011, Oct 2013 (thin).  [4" of the highest grade coins as one lot for $29 + $12 shipping]

Triton (these are regarded here as CNG catalogs with numbers in their run of catalogs.) (joint offerings of CNG, Freeman & Sear, and NAC, and later CNG alone) All high to very high value coins with very high quality presentation.


Loeb Classics:

The first, Pausanius, has the original Greek on one page and an English translation on the facing page.

This is all five volumes. The interiors are nice. They discuss cities and what (ancient) tourists would want to see in each.
Imhoof-Blumer and Gardner wrote a book "Ancient Coins Illustrating Lost Masterpieces of Ancient Art" that correlates the (mostly Roman provincial) coins with the text. (That book is not included.)
Five Loeb Classic volumes: [$59, reduced to $45 + $8 shipping.] (They cost significantly more volume by volume on Amazon). (There is nothing directly about coins in these volumes. You'd have to buy the other book for that.)


The Fall of Troy, Qunitus Smynaeus. $58 on Amazon. [$32, reduced to $27 + $4 shipping here]

Thucydides, History of the Peloponnesian War. All 8 volumes, two per book. [$45, reduced to $39 + $7 shipping]. Unmarked except for library markings and "Withdrawn" on the top. Actually, pretty good condition except for all the usual libary marks.


Frontinus on Aquaducts. (Some ancient coins show aquaducts.) Library marks. [$9, reduced to $8 + $4 shipping]


Do you want to know what the German Mark, or Swiss Franc, was worth at some date in the past? Here is a website that  not only has today's exchange rates, but the rates for almost any weekday date you pick in the past!

To ask me a question, or to order, e-mail me, Warren, at:
    Terms of sale.


What is in ancient-coin auction catalogs? 
See my educational site, "Ancient Coin Auction Catalogs: Contents," to find out.

As they say, "Buy the book before the coin." Catalogs are cheap compared to coins. What's rare? What's not? What is valuable? What's not? What is high grade? What is not? Find out by collecting these extensively illustrated catalogs with the prices realized. [If you order and don't love what you get, I'll happily refund all but postage (but, I'll wonder why you don't realize how valuable and beautiful catalogs are!).]

People often feel that their reference books do not have enough pictures. Well, catalogs often have hundreds of high-quality photos of top-quality coins with real prices actually paid! If you want more photos of high-quality coins (far nicer than most eBay coins), catalogs are the source for you.

Most of us really want to "look up" our coins and find out the Sear number, Van Meter number, RIC number, BMC number, etc. Well, with catalogs you have still more places to look them up. I take notes on the auction-sale prices and conditions of coin types I have. I have a lot of catalogs, so that makes for a lot of fun "looking up" the new coins I buy. Also, I take notes on prices of coins I would like. I spend a lot of time reading and rereading my catalogs.


Green marks themes with a remarkable emphasis in the catalog.  Bold green makes it one of the very best catalogs for that theme.

PR = prices realized. Except as noted, all have photocopies of the prices realized (unless mrked otherwise), which makes them much more valuable as references .
    VHQ  = very high quality presentation [Such as most horizontal format NFA catalogs and many NAC catalogs.]
    HQ = high quality presentation  [Much better than typical, probably with plates of enlargements and color plates, but not as spectacular as VHQ.]
    MQ = moderate quality presentation. [One excellent photo per coin with not very many enlargements, such as most CNG catalogs.]
    VHV = very high value = Many coins above $5000 and the offering is not diluted by many coins below $500. The finest and rarest Greek silver types, the best sestertii and Roman gold. Perhaps unusual Greek gold and Roman medallions. The finest coins you could possibly buy.
    HV = high value = Most coins costing over $500. Collectors who want to spend less than $500 on a coin will find little they can buy.
    MV = moderate value =  Collectors who want to spend less than $500 on a coin will still have a lot of coins to consider. MV catalogs will probably have some very expensive coins above $5000 and many expensive coins above $1000, but  the majority of their coins will be between $100 and $500.

ppl  = page plates  (Some catalogs have illustrations throughout, some at the end on page plates.)
E = page plate of enlargements
G = Greek (includes, as usual for the term "Greek,"  Jewish, Parthian, Sasanian, etc. unless those series are mentioned separately)
RR = Roman Republican  (before Octavian/Augustus)
RP = Roman provincial = Greek Imperial
RI = Roman imperial (before Anastasius)
Byz = Byzantine
DA = Dark Ages

To ask me a question, or to order, e-mail me, Warren, at:
e-mail e
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