Terms: I mark coins "SOLD" in purple promptly when they sell, so coins are available (unless they were ordered in the last hour or so.)

E-mail me, Warren, to order or simply to ask me any questions. wwesty.

Updated, Jan. 25, 2021, with BIG CHANGES to mailing outside the USDo not order if you are not in the US.

After I confirm I still have the coin, you can pay me by logging into your account and sending payment towwesty.

How to pay. I accept PayPal, which used to be the most common way to pay. However, better options have been invented since PayPal became standard. They include Zelle for payments within the US and TransferWise for payments from elsewhere.
Here is why I prefer Zelle for payments in the US.  (Nevertheless, I accept PayPal and checks.)

Do not order if you are not in the US (see below): Here is why I much prefer TransferWise for payments from abroad.  (Nevertheless, I accept PayPal.)


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