Emperor standing facing, head right, holding standard and Victory on globe.

Valentinian I, Sirmium
Sirmium 6a
18mm. 6:00. 2.26 grams.  


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mint RIC V Vn
Lug 11 S S
Ar 8 R,R R
Aq 8 S R
Rome 16 R 3
Sis 6 R R
Sirm 6 S R
Th 17 S R
Her 4 2 2,2
Con 20 R R
Cyz 10 R 2
Nic 11 R R
Ant 11 S R
Ale 2 R R

RIC photos:  V-Ant 11a is XIV.2 and also XIV.3, Vn-XV.14 (Ale), Vn-XV.16 (Ale).
The RIC rarity ratings for Balkan mints. especially Siscia, Sirmium, and Thessalonica, are outdated because huge numbers of coins of Valentinian and Valens have been coming out of the Balkans.

Cayon: Valentinian 102 (2 photos, Th and Sirm). Valens 115 (1 photo, Sirm).
Hunter V 78.11(Ly), Vn --.

Pierce, NC 1948, gives hoard numbers for this type and for GLORIA ROMANORVM and SECVRITAS REPVBLICAE. "These four hoards contain over 8,000 coins of our twin types to 37 of the preceding RESTITVTOR REIP."  p. 70.


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