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Valens AE2

Valens. AE2. 22mm. 4.27 grams.   
Image courtsey of Classical Numismatic Group.
CNG auction 63, May 21, 2003, lot 1550, "Unique" (it is maybe unique with this mintmark, but it is not unique as a type in general, see below). This has bust left instead of right, and a unique mintmark:   
COMTM. The mint to which this refers is not clear.    



Bankhaus Aufhauser, Auction 10, 5-6 October 1993, lot 692 is another one with bust left. SMTR

  [RIC photo of the usual type]

mint RIC V Vn G
Tr 29 2 2 2
Con 40   5  

RIC photo:  G-III.7.
RIC p. 219 note says the unique Con coin "must be medallic in character."

Cayon V-95 (no photo), Vn-110 (2 photos, Tr, and one possibly enlarged too much from Con), G-63 (no photo).
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