Emperor right drags captive and holds labarum
364-388   [RIC also lists it in the period 388-392 at Trier]
Struck for Valentinian, Valens, Gratian, Valentinian II, Theodosius, and Arcadius.
This type is very common, except for Arcadius.

Valentinian, Siscia
18 mm. 2.57 grams.
RIC Siscia 14a "367-365"

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RIC photos:  V-IV.17 (Lug), V-III.6 (Tr), A-III.19 (Tr), A-VIII.17 (Rome, R4), G-XIV.5 (Ant, R4), G-XV.12 (Con). 

Occasionally at Rome the officina number is spelled out: PRIMA, SECVNDA, TERTIA, QVARTA, each preceded by a "R" for Rome.
For a web page emphasizing this numbering system, see my page "Officina numbers on late Roman coins."

Pierce, NC 1948, gives hoard numbers for this type and for SECVRITAS REPVBLICAE. "These four hoards contain over 8,000 coins of our twin types to 37 of the preceding RESTITVTOR REIP."  p. 70. And, that was in 1948, long before the flood of coins out of the Balkans beginning in 1990 in which this type is very common.

Cayon V-98-99 (5 photos, 4 Sis, 1 Aq). Vn-112-113 (4 photos, 2 Sis, Aq, Th). G-70 (4 photos, 3 Sis, 1 Aq). V2-63-64 (2 photos, both Aq). T-60 (1 photo, Aq).  A-47 (3 photos, Aq, Sis, Th).

Hunter  V-78.12 (Lug), V-78.34 (Aq), V-78.38-42 (Sis), Vn-80.18 (Ar), Vn-80.35 (Aq), Vn-80.42 (Sis), Vn-80.48 (Th), G-82.33 (Aq), G-82.41-42 (Sis), T-85.23 (Aq).

DO has 3 for Arcadius, Table 16, "Western Coinages," page 104, and none in Table 23, "Gallic Mints," page 116. 

mint RIC V Vn G V2 T A
Tr 5,30,96 S,R;S S;S -;S -;-;5 -;-;4 -;-;4
Lug 10,20 C3;C3 R;R -;C2      
Ar 7,16,18 C,S,S;C C;C;S -;-;S -;-;R    
Aq 7,11,17,45 C;C;S C;C;S -;S;S -;-;R,C;C -;-;-;C -;-;-;C
Rome 15,23,27,55 R;C R;C2;C -;R;S -;-;R;R -;-;-;R2 -;-;-;R3,R4
Sis 5,14,21,38 C;C2 C;C;R -;C,R;R -;-;R;C -;-;-;C -;-;-;C
Sir 4 R R2        
Thes 16,26,31,60 C;S C;C;C -;S;?; -;-;?;R2 -;-;-;S,R -;-;-;S
Her 3,9 R;R S,S;S -;R      
Con 16,41 S;R S,S;S -;R2,R      
Cyz 8,12 S;? C;? -;R      
Nic 9,23 R;- S,S;S -;R      
Ant 10,35 S;? C3,3;? -;4      
Ale 1,4 S;? S;? -;-;      
mint RIC V Vn G V2 T A

Possible typo in RIC, p. 301-2:  For Alexandria, RIC 15 is listed "as no. 4" and then "as no. 5" but under "AE II."  I think it must really be "as no. 6" both times, referring to the emperor on galley type.
"?" in the table refers to issues that are not given a separate rarity listing (usually because they are not distinguishable from the previous issue).

Tr 96 is from the period 388-392 for Valentinian II, Theodosius, and Arcadius.

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