Type 44:  AE4 (12-13mm).  VICTORIA AVGG  ["GG", not "GGG"]
Victory advancing left with wreath and palm.

         [no image]

Struck for Arcadius and Honorius.

Very similar to Type 12 (with "GGG"). There is a similar VICTORIA AVGG (Type 27) earlier for Magnus Maximus and another (Type 55) later for Honorius and Valentinian III at Rome (RIC, p. 173).

mint Arcadius Honorius
Trier 1299-R 1300-R, 1301-R
Lyon 1302-R3, 1304-R2 1303-R3, 1305-R2
Arles 1306-C 1307-R

RIC X p. 329-330, "395".

RIC IX, Trier 107 footnote, page 34, plate III.20.  But, the photo does not clearly show "GG" as opposed to "GGG". One of each of Arcadius and Honorius seen by Pearce, who thinks this type is probably the same as Type 12, but possibly dated immediately after the death of Theodosius, leaving only Arcadius and Honorius as Augusti. Pearce did not assign it an RIC number, probably because it would technically be in RIC X, not IX. Kent did put it in RIC X, as listed above.

Not in DO.
Cayon A--, H--


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