Type 32:  AE2. VICTORIA AVGG. Emperor standing facing, holding Victory on globe in right and standard in left. 383-388
Only for Magnus Maximus. Only at Arles and Lugdunum. 


Magnus Maximus
22-20 mm. 11:30. 5.09 grams.
mm:  TCONS

RIC Arles 27 b
page 69, plate V.10

Magnus Maximus
23 mm. 3.93 grams.
  mm: LVGS

RIC Lugdunum 33, "S" page 49, plate IV.14

mint RIC MM
Lyons 33 S
Arles 27 R,R,S

RIC photos:  MM-IV.14 (Lyons), MM-V.10 (Arles).
The mintmark for Arles is PCON, SCON, or TCON, for Constantina, the name of Arles at the time.

Cayon 18-19 (1 photo, Lyons).
Hunter --

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