Terms of sale of numismatic literature: All catalogs are in good used condition (some are new) and come with a copy of the Prices Realized (PRs) unless marked otherwise, so you can tell what the coins were really worth. That is important. Old PRs are not easy to find. Most catalogs offered elsewhere come without PRs. If you buy these elsewhere, you probably won't get the PR and won't be able to tell what the coins really sold for.

Packing and postage in the US is $4 for one catalog or book and $1 for each additional catalog.
I do not ship books or catalogs to other countries. Postage is remarkably high and kills the deal.   
 I accept checks, money orders, and PayPal to my e-mail address. Please write me first to confirm availability. e-mail

If you don't love it, send it back within two weeks of its arrival for a refund. I want you to be more than satisfied. 

To my Canadian friends:  I'm sorry, there is no cheap rate to Canada. Flat-rate envelopes to Canada now cost $24! Also, my experience is that mail from the US is not rapidly delivered within Canada. Maybe you can have catalogs shipped to a friend in the US who will get them to you.

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