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Pages about the coins of

   the First Tetrarchy (293-305),
•  the Second Tetrarchy (305-306), and
•  306 to 324, the following period until the sole reign of Constantine 

Many more pages go into greater detail.

      (To the right is a statue of the four tetrarchs of the First Tetrarchy, now at St. Marks Basilica in Venice.)

In greater detail:

"Coins of the First Tetrarchy: Pre-Reform Coins (aureliani, a.k.a. antoniniani) of DiocletianMaximianConstantius I, and Galerius"

"Follis types of the First Tetrarchy, 293-305 CE"

"GENIO POPVLI ROMANI: a common late Roman coin type" by emperor
      The same coins organized by mint.  (A table of all emperors and mints.)

"SACRA MONETA: Roman coins of the First Tetrarchy, 294-305"

Coins of Diocletian  

Maximian's name   

Abdication types of Diocletian and Maximian

GENIO types 

GENIO POP ROM issued from 307 to 316

Commemoratives issued from 306 to 324

How to distinguish coins of Maximian from coins of Galerius

How coins are dated to the Second Tetrarchy

The "radiate fraction" a.k.a. "post-reform radiate" denomination.

The "quarter follis" denomination from Siscia, c. 305-306. 

Fractional folles, sometimes called "quinarii", mostly from Trier.

The silver argenteus denomination.

Adfini, Cognat, Patri, Socero, under Maxentius at Rome

Types with FORTVNA

Antoniniani from Siscia with coded officina numbers 

Anonymous civic issues under Maximinus II, 310-313  

Licinius, GENIO AVGVSTI (309-312)

Ancient imitations of coins of the tetrarchies

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