GENIO POPVLI ROMANI portrait coins of the First Tetrarchy, arranged by mint
Struck c. 294-305.

   (To see them arranged by emperor, use these links: Diocletian, Maximian, Constantius, Galerius, or other later emperors.)

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Next is a list of all the mints for this type, with links to the mint (which is further down this page):

London, Treveri (Trier), Lugdunum (Lyons), Ticinum, Aquileia, Rome, Siscia, Serdica, Thessalonica, Heraclea, Nicomedia, CyzicusAntioch, Alexandria. [Carthage and Ostia are also in RIC volume VI, but neither minted this type.]

Distinguishing Maximian from Galerius.  Using only the legend this can be tricky. Both used "MAXIMIANVS" in their legends. Here is a page explaining the differences in legends.

Note:  This page lacks images of at least a dozen common emperor and mint combinations. It does not mean they are rare; it just means I don't happen to have that combination to show here.   

What's new?  2022, August 30:  Constantius as Caesar at Heraclea. 2022, August 16: Maximian at TrierMaximian at Cyzicus. 2022, August 6: Maximinus II at Antioch.



          London, Diocletian           London, Diocletian                 London, Diocletian               London, Maximian 
              London, Maximian               London, Maximian               London, Constantius               London, Galerius


                Diocletian, Trier                 Diocletian, Trier               Diocletian, Trier          Maximian, Trier
                Maximian, Trier          Maximian, Trier, left-facing                Constantius, Trier                    Galerius, Trier


                 Diocletian, Lyons           Maximian, Lyons               Constantius, Lyons            Constantius, Lyons
                 Galerius, Lyons                  Galerius, Lyons


             Ticinum, Diocletian                 Ticinum, Maximian               Ticinum, Constantius                 Ticinum, Galerius       


              Diocletian, Aquileia               Maximian, Aquileia


              Diocletian, Rome                Maximian, Rome                 Constantius, Rome                Constantius, Rome
                 Galerius, Rome


               Diocletian, Siscia                 Maximian, Siscia


Serdica:  (Note:  RIC says Serdica opened "c. 303-4" with personnel from Thessalonica so it did not mint these for as long as the other mints did.)

             Diocletian, Serdica
              Maximian, Serdica               Constantius, Serdica       Galerius as Caesar, Serdica       Galerius as Augusutus, Serdica

Thessalonica:  (RIC says it opened c. 298/9 and closed c. 303 when it was moved to Serdica, closer to the Danube border.)

            Diocletian, Thessalonica
          Maximian, Thessalonica             Maximian, Thessalonica             Galerius, Thessalonica             Galerius, Thessalonica


              Diocletian, Heraclea            Maximian, Heraclea    Constantius as Caesar, Heraclea    Constantius as Augustus, Heraclea
               Galerius, Heraclea                   Galerius, Heraclea


             Diocletian, Nicomedia              Maximian, Nicomedia              Constantius, Nicomedia      Galerius, Nicomedia, as Caesar
   Galerius, Nicomedia, as Augustus


             Diocletian, Cyzicus              Maximian, Cyzicus              Maximian, Cyzicus      Constantius as Augustus, Cyzicus 




           Diocletian, Antioch            Diocletian, Antioch                Maximian, Antioch               Constantius, Antioch
    Constantius as Augustus, Antioch               Galerius, Antioch       Galerius as Augustus, Antioch             Maximinus II, Antioch



           Diocletian, Alexandria             Diocletian, Alexandria                    Diocletian, Alexandria 
         under Domitius Domitianus      
             Maximian, Alexandria  
             Maximian, Alexandria                Maximian, Alexandria             Constantius, Alexandria                      Constantius, Alexandria           
                 Galerius, Alexandria


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