Ancient coin sites emphasizing a particular emperor 

This page has two categories of sites. 
    1)  General sites with links to pages of coins of particular emperors, and
    2)  Sites limited to particular emperors.

General: is one very popular site.
Large sale sites can be useful for identifying coins.  and
     MA-Shops have many ancient coins and good search engines. But they do not attempt to teach you anything except what coins cost. 

    "Roman Imperial Coins - Free online resource for collectors": has pages for each emperor, organized by RIC number. 
    "Wikimedia Commons" ( ) has photographs of coins of the emperors, without any commentary, and not identified or organized [These pages have images, but are not assembled with love and thus do not have the appeal of collectors' pages.]  e.g. Coins of Augustus ,  Coins of Tiberius ,  Coins of Caligula ,  Coins of Claudius ,  Coins of Nero ,  Coins of Galba ,  Coins of Otho,  Coins of Vitellius ,  and many others.  

Particular:  These links are to sites created by individuals who love coins and want to teach you something about a particular emperor or at least show you their collection. 

First Century

    A few deification coins for Augustus.
    Photos (only) of sestertii of the emperor Nero.  [Not a single collection. Just photos of excellent coins, not even identified.]
    A collection of denarii of Otho.   [An extensive collection from a man who studied (not just collected) denarii of Otho. Some have comments.]
    Domitian  (81-96 AD)   [Very high grade coins with numerous rare pieces, each with a few lines of commentary.] 
    A collection of denarii of Domitian.   [Pictures with coins identified, but almost no commentary]
    The Flavians (Vespasian, Titus, and Domitian)   [An article with quite a bit of information in addition to coin photographs.]
    David Atherton's collection of Flavian silver coins  [Each coin is well-illustated with a lot of commentary about its interest.]


Second Century

    Trajan (AD 98-117) sestertii (amazingly complete, with denarii and other denominations too)  [Includes a brief biography, a discussion of his portraits, and commentary on many interesting types.]
    Another collector (Tom Buggey) emphasizes Trajan, but also with Greek coins and coins of other civiliations.  [Coins well-identified, without much commentary.]
    Hadrian (AD 117-138) on coins of Roman Egypt (not "imperial" coins)  [A selection identifed and described without commentary.]
    Hadrian (on Beast's site)  [Different bust styles considered and then many coins identifed, some with commentary.]
    The "travel series" of Hadrian    [An comprehensive site with all types illustrated, often with numerous examples from auctions with their prices rezlized given.] 


Third Century  

    Barry Murphy's collection [now sold off] of  Septimus Severus and his family (Caracalla, Julia Domna, Geta, and Plautilla).  High-quality coins well-organized by mint, but not a lot of commentary.
    Doug Smith has a lot on Septimius Severus (AD 193-211) and his wife Julia Domna among his many pages. Click his links (not just the one page I linked to).  [Extensive and entertaining commentary.]
    A small site on portraits of Geta, son of Septimius Severus  [His portrait styles considered with extensive commentary, but only four coins.]
    Coins of Geta and Caracalla  [Coins from each year with some commentary.]
    A site on Elagabalus  (AD 218-222)  [Numerous coins with commentary and links.]
    Another site on Elagabalus (AD 218-222)   [Very many images identified inlcuding many Roman provincial coins of Elagabalus.]
    Maximinus Thrax, the Giant (AD 235-238)  [His three different portraits and all the types, with commentary.]
    Gordian III (AD 238-244) The collection of Michael Mihalka. It is through for types of denarii and also has around 385 coins from over 90 provincial cities.
    Gordian III (AD 238-244)  An extensive colletion with commentary and a biography page. Organized by issue which helps with dating.
    Jim Shaffer's site on Philip "the Arab" (244-249) and his family. [Many imperial coins, a separate page on bust types, plus many provincial types.]
    Antoninani of Philip and his family from the Antioch mint, by Marchal Thibaut.
    Doug Smith has a terrific overview of the coins of Philip and his family
    The "DIVI series" of previous emperors honored by Trajan Decius.
    Trajan Decius, Trebonianus Gallus (251-253) and their families and coins of Aemilian (253)  ["Four Bad Years, 249-253". Many pages.]

    The Gallic Empire (Postumus, Laelianus, Marius, Victorinus, Domitianus II, Tetricus I, Tetricus II)  [A complete list of types, most illustrated.]
    Jacquier (a firm in Germany) had an auction with 200 coins of Postumus  (with real prices realized) 
    Gallienus (AD 253-268)  [A large identified collection.]
    Over 1000 types of Gallienus coins    [Identified by RIC, Göbl, and Sear]
    "zoo" coins of Gallienus   [Historical background and numbers of each type in Cunetio (a large hoard), but not illustrated]

Here is an on-line update to RIC, the main academic complete database on coins of Claudius II, Quintillus, Aurelian, Tacitus, and Florian (268-276) 
    Tom Ross has a site on Aurelian. (AD 270-275)  [An extensive collection, arranged by mint.]
    Another site on Aurelian (270-275) [Coins and biography, including sections on: The rise to power; The Moneyer's Revolt; The Coinage Reform and finally The Eastern Coinage.]
    Coins of Probus (AD 276-282)  [A very extensive site. Don't miss the page on bust types.] 
    Probus bust types from Siscia (by Mike Vosper). More about the Siscia mint
    Coins of Probus with coded mintmarks   [An article by Chip Scoppa with lots of explanation.]
    Carus, Carinus, and Numerian  (282-285)  [An extensive site with lots of commentary, originally in Dutch, but google can translate it for you.]
    A collection of Carausius in CNG e-auction 204.
    Coins of Diocletian and co-rulers. (A  large collection of pages.)


Fourth Century

    Coins of the tetrarchy from London (Diocletian. Maximian, Constantius I, Galerius)
    Another site on coins of London (296-325)  [Lots of commentary on chronology and legends, but not much emphasis on photographs.]
    A pdf of a highly detailed academic article on the coinage of Allectus   
    Coins of Constantine the Great (306-337) by Victor Clark.  [An extensive site. Lots of commentary and photos. There are many pages to explore.]
    Glenn Simonelli's collection of AE coins of Constantine the Great   [A hundred AE coins.]
    The story of how Constantine and Maximinus II got the title FIL AVG seen on coins.  [An article, not just photographs.]
    The story of Crispus, illustrated with coins. 
    The story of the House of Constantine by Reid Goldsborough  [An illustrated article.]
        FEL TEMP REPARATIO coins of Constans, Constantius II, Gallus, Magnentius, and Decentius.  
        Helvetica's extensive site on FEL TEMP REPARATIO coins   
    Coins of emperor Vetranio (350)   [All six copper types listed and illustrated.]
    Coins of emperor Jovian (363-364)  [All four copper types listed and illustrated.]
    All AE types on coins of Valentinian through Theodosius II (364-450)  [A very large site with many pages, including type sets for emperors.]


Emperors on coins (without much text)
    "Roman Numismatic Gallery" lots of nice images.  

De Imperatoribus Romanis is an on-line encyclopedia of the Roman emperors.


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