About Augustus Coins

After collecting US stamps and US coins as a kid, I began collecting ancient coins in 1971. I wrote articles for the Journal of the Society for Ancient Numismatics (SAN) as early as 1980 and by 1985 I was publishing scholarly articles in the (Royal Numismatic Society's) Numismatic Chronicle (mostly on the development and applications of statistical methods for the analysis of ancient coins. By profession, I am a mathematician/statistician). In 1997 I begin one of the first and highest ranked sites for ancient-coin beginners on the web:
"Ancient Greek and Roman Coins, FAQ"
which has since been expanded many times to include numerous pages for collectors of every level from beginners to very advanced collectors.

    --  Warren


 Coin prices are in square brackets: [$xx]

To arrange purchases, or just to enquire, e-mail me, Warren, at

Total cost is the amount in brackets plus minimal postage (only in the US: $2 for orders under $25, $3 for orders under $50, $4 for orders up to $100, and an additional $1 for each hundred thereafter. For shipping to Canada or Europe, add $3.)
If you are in Canada, the UK, or Europe, please pay with PayPal or TransferWise. If you don't know about TransferWise, I use it and highly recommend it for paying larger amounts. The fees are about 1/2% with a good currency-exchange rate instead of PayPal's near 4% fees with a poor exchange rate. Wrtie me and ask and I will tell you about it. 


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