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After collecting US stamps and US coins as a kid, I began collecting ancient coins in 1971. I wrote articles for the Journal of the Society for Ancient Numismatics (SAN) as early as 1980 and by 1985 I was publishing scholarly articles in the (Royal Numismatic Society's) Numismatic Chronicle, mostly on the development and applications of statistical methods for the analysis of ancient coins. (By profession, I am a mathematician/statistician). I have been a member of the American Numismatic Society since 1984 and a member of the Royal Numismatic Society since 1985. In 1997 I began one of the first and highest-ranked sites for ancient-coin beginners on the web:
"Ancient Greek and Roman Coins, FAQ"
which has since been expanded many times to include numerous pages for collectors of every level from beginners to very advanced collectors.

    --  Warren


Coin prices are in square brackets: [$xx]

To arrange purchases, or just to enquire, e-mail me, Warren, at

Total cost of coins is the amount in brackets plus minimal postage (only in the US: $2 for orders under $25, $3 for orders under $50, $4 for orders up to $100, and an additional $1 for each hundred thereafter. For shipping to other countries it will be $3 more.)

Payment : If you are in Canada, Australia, the UK, or Europe, please pay with PayPal or TransferWise. If you don't know about TransferWise, I use it and highly recommend it for paying larger amounts. The fees are less than 1% with a good currency-exchange rate instead of PayPal's near 4% fees to me and you pay another 4% with their poor exchange rate. Yes, you pay more with PayPal than you would with TransferWise. See my page for why you should use it. 
   If you are in the US, I accept Zelle (why Zelle is a good way to pay), personal checks, money orders, and I accept PayPal.
After we have agreed by e-mail that you have gotten the coin, you can pay me by logging into your account
and sending payment to: e-mail


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