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Philip II, 244-249

29-27 mm. 
Roman Provincial of Zeugma on the upper Euphrates
Temple atop mountain with stircases up either side
[$12 SOLD]

Greek. Ptolemiac?
21-19 mm,
Bust right
Eagle with wings half spread

[$5 SOLD]

Aurelian, 270-275
23 mm. Large for type.
[$9 SOLD]


Aurelian, 270-275
[$7 SOLD]

Greek, with countermark
c/m: Bust in crested helmet right
20.7-20.2 mm.
Zeus right
Nike left
Nice patina [$12 SOLD]

Gordian III, 238-244
Caesarea in Cappadocia
25-23 mm.
[$9 SOLD]

Constantius II, 337-361
Soldier spearing fallen horseman
Excellent fallen horseman and legible mintmark
SMNΓ Nicomedia
[$8 SOLD]


Constantius II, 337-361
Thessalonica mint
[$5 SOLD]


Roman Provincial
29-28 mm. 12.08 grams.
KA  ..... 
Mid third century?
You figure it out!
[$5 SOLD]


[None are below]

Valentinian and Later (AD 364 -- 5th C.)



5th Century



  [all sold]


End of Byzantine



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