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Recent: Jan. 10, 2019. Almost all prices reduced. Many sold coins removed. Rearranged to be nearly chronological order. 


Severus Alexander (222-235 AD)
Provincial coin of Nicaea (in modern Turkey, famous for the Nicene creed).
20 mm. 

Three standards. NIKAIΩN
Nice glossy dark green patina. [$12]



 Constans, 333-337-350
14 mm.
SMKI  [$11]




Constantius II
16-15 mm. [$6]


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Chronological order (approximately):




Thrace, Dikaia
Small, 11 mm. 1.25 grams.  Diobol? 
Heracles head right but much corrosion
Rooster in incuse squarre. 
c. 500-480 BC.
A very early Greek silver.   [$15]




Massive Domitian (AD 81-96)  sestertius,
worn nearly flat. Could make a "pocket piece."
 33 mm. 19.30 grams.
Ancient and large [$9, reduced to $6 SOLD (+$3 shipping, it is thick)]



Domitian Rhinoceros quadrans!
Rare and a special animal. 
[$15, reduced to $6 SOLD]




Large, heavy
Marcus Aurelius sestertius
31-30 mm. 25.28 grams.

[$15, reduced to $10+$4 SOLD shipping (not the usual $2; it is large)]

You could carry around a "pocket piece" genuine ancient coin of a relatively famous emperor and not worry about damaging it.



Marcus Aurelius as Caesar
as. 26 mm.
Reverse hard to make out, possibly
PRIMI DECENNALIBVS (don't hold me to that)
[$10, reduced to $7 SOLD]



Commodus as. 
25 mm. Corroded surfacces

Felicitas standing 

[$15, reduced to $11]



Two sestertii, second century  [$10 + $3.50 shipping]
or, pick one at $6, but still $3.50 shipping.

Large and heavy coins!



[$3] 10 mm.
Bust right
Emperor standing holding long staff (looks like a caduceus)
cross in field left
A "barbarous radiate" from c. AD 270.  Possibly for Tetricus I.
Buy it and it becomes your problem!  [$8, reduced to $3 SOLD]



Tetrarchy (286 - 307 or so)


Licinius II, 317-324
bust left, holding mappa
Alexandria mint
[$15, reduced to $13]




Licinius, 308-324
21-19 mm.
[$10, reduced to $9]




Constantius I, quarter follis
Type only at Siscia
18 mm. 
1.89 grams. 
[$12, reduced to $10]  Not quite so green as the photo. 




Licinius II, 317-324
19-18 mm.
Helmeted bust left holding spear and shield.
[$10, reduced to $9]



Constantius DIVO commemorative struck later under Constantine.

The larger of the two sizes. 19-18 mm. [$9, reduced to $7]



Constantine and later (307 - 364)


18 mm.

Struck 332-333 at Arelate
RIC Arles 369 "r3" but there is a second officina.
leafy branch in field left
ex Kern at the Summer ANA in 1998 at $17.
[$15, reduced to $13]



Crispus, 317-326
Bust left.
Seems crude. Is this a scarce type of ancient imitation?
[$14, reduced to $12 SOLD]





Barbarous Constantine I, 307-337
Two Victories
Bust left.  [$5, reduced to $4]



Constantine II, 317-340
VOT X in wreath
Aquilia mint
Even brown. [$13, reduced to $11]




CONSTANTINOPOLIS commemorative of 330-340
Her helmeted bust left
Victory on prow
TRP for Trier

[$7, reduced to $6]




Constans. 337-350
scarcer reverse
soldier standing.  [$8, reduced to $4]



Constantine II, 317-337-340
camp gate
19-18 mm.

Heraclea mint.
Some silvering evident at angles other than this photo.





Constantine II(?) ancient imitation from the Danube region
18 mm. 
Two Victories reverse.
Imitating mint of Siscia.
Slightly coppery color. Nice obverse bust with bust right an spear over far shoulder (held in the left hand--unusual).
[$12, reduced to $10]



Constantine II, 317-340
20-19 mm.
Bust left holding Victory on globe.
Special obverse bust. 
[$15, reduced to $13]



Constantius II, 337-361
16 mm.  (Small, but large for type)

Ragged flan with good detail.  [$7, reduced to $6]




Magnentius, 350-353
24-22 mm.
Large chi-rho reverse
The first Christian type
Lots of problems, but super cheap!
[$14, reduced to $9, reduced to $7]



Magnentius, 350353
Small, 20 mm.
Two victories hold shield inscribed VOT V MVLT X
Gamma behind head.  [$7, reduced to $5]




Jovian, 363-364
19 mm


Sirmium mint
[$15, reduced to $13]



Valentinian and Later (AD 364 -- 5th C.)


Valens, 365-378
17 mm

Rome mint.
[$9, reduced to $8]




Valentinian II. An intentionally halved coin found in Spain.  The mintmark seems to be TCON for Arelate.  This piece is 27x13 mm, 6:00, and 1.84 grams.
Presumably it was halved to make smaller change.
Earthen cover. [$12, reduced to $7]

What do you do when you want to buy something not worth as much as your coin? Cut it in half!



Valentinian II
14 mm. 1.67 grams
RIC IX Rome 51c "scarce"
[$12, reduced to $6]




Valentinian II, 375-392
13 mm. 6:00. 1.40 grams.
   RIC Thessalonica 62a3 
camp gate [$15, reduced to $9]




Valentinian II, 375-392
13 mm. 12:00. 1.39 grams
RIC Aquileia 58a
mm: AQ[--] weak
cross-rho in field left
The coin is sharper and bettter than the photo. If you almost like the coin in the photo, you will like the coin. 
[$15, reduced to $9]  It is not worth my while to try to take a better photo.



Valentinian II,
11 mm. 
(vows dates for Gratian which are scarce for Valentinian II. Only one on vcoins as I write, at $45)
Rome mint  [$12, reduced to $5] 


Valentinian II
12-11 mm. 1.05 grams
RIC Antioch 57b
mm: ANT
Δ (?)
, reduced to $4]




Theodosius I
15 mm. 0.88 grams
RIC Cyzicus 21cB
mm: SMKB (visible and on the flan which is often not the case)
Glossier surface than shows in the photo. Nice!  [$14
, reduced to $10]




[$12] Arcadius.
VOT V in wreath
RIC Nicomedia 37c
[$17, reduced to $7]




Ancient imitation of the SALVS REBVBLICAE type of the late 4th C. A.D.
Victory dragging captive
12-10 mm. 
[$5 SOLD]





Five late Roman AE



5th Century

Theodosius II, 402-450
Cross in wreath. 13-11 mm. 
[$10, reduced to $8]





, reduced to $2] Anastasius 5 nummia. Not in DOC. Sear Byz 53. AE13.  AAN vertically in front of epsilon.
Ugly (if you collect Byzantine coins, you are used to this) but rare. [$19, reduced to $4]



Justin II, 565-578. AE18.  Ten nummia. ANNO/ I /* I *
Rare (35 pounds in Fine in Sear!) but terrible shape. Sear 382. Year 1. A rarity for [$12,
reduced to $2 SOLD]





, reduced to $6] Constans II at Carthage
Sear Byz 1057. Large and thick at 21 mm. The mint mark appears again at 1:00, it was clearly struck twice. The obverse figure is slightly rotated in the photo, the top is at 11:30.  



S 1011
Constans II , 641-668.  21 mm. Standing with long beard (high on flan, see his eyes at 12:00?)/three figures.  scarce. Sear 1011. [$13, reduced to $3]





, reduced to $12] Constantine VII, 913-959.  overstrike. Overstruck letters clear on obverse. Sear Byz 1761. ex 7 Seas, Oct. 1980 [$25, reduced to $17, reduced to $12]








Left:  possibly Bulgarian imitative. cf. Hendy plate 25:1-5.  24-20 mm. Bold faces. [$4, reduced to $3]
Right:  unidentified cup-shaped. 26-23 mm. [$3 SOLD]

End of Byzantine




Pair #4 of photos: Only upper right (Armenian) $3 remains. Others all SOLD



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