Type 8, Procopius:  AE3.  REPARATIO FEL TEMP
Obverse bust right. Emperor standing facing, head r, holding spear or standard and resting l on shield. No chi-rho in upper right field.
28 Sept. 365 - 27 May 366
Procopius     Procopius, Constantinople
Only Procopius.
    All Procopius images (all types) on one page.
"Valentinian's module"  [RIC], smaller and later than Type 7.

mint RIC P # mm varieties
Her 8 3         2
Con 18 2  2, w standard

19 2  4, w spear
Cyz 9 2         1
RIC photos: none of these, but p. 215 has a note on a possible "CONST" mm of Arelate, plate XV.18. It is probably just one of these CONSA-Z varieties--their plate is unclear.

This type is bust right. RIC Heraclea 8 is listed as bust left, in error.
RIC lists no coins of Procopius from Antioch. This type not at Nicomedia, although type 7 is.
RIC lists AE2 and AE1 extremely rare types of Procopius with this legend (Table 1A and Procopius type set).

On rarity: Many coins of Procopius are coming out of the Balkans and they are now only "scarce," no longer rare. The bust left variety, Type 7, can be found with full flan in high grade, but Type 8 can not (The example above is the best I have seen in any catalog.)
This type regularly suffers from chipped flans (brittle metal?) and crowded types.
My notes on the many recent coins from the Balkans suggest this type is much rarer than Type 7 by about 1 to 6.

Cayon 12 (1 photo, Con) p. 2743.
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