or VICTORIA AVG [one "G" at Thessalonica only]

Two victories facing each other, each holding a wreath.
VA    Valentinian II, Aquileia
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Struck for Valentinian II, Theodosius, and Arcadius.

mint RIC legend ends V2 T A
Aq 47 AVGGG S S R,2
Rome 57 AVGGG S,3 S 3,S
Th 63 AVG S S S

RIC photos: A-VII.14 (Aq), A-VII.15 (Aq) show broken and unbroken legends. T-Th 63b is X.19.
Aquileia and Rome have it with "GGG" and Thessalonica with "G".


Cayon V2-78 (no photo, but V2-76 claiming a legend with one "G" has two photos that are probably GGG, Aq and xx); T-72 ("G", no photo) is virtually the same as T-74 ("GGG", 1 photo, Aq). A-58 ("G", no photo), A-59 (0). Cayon V3-45 (0) is this type, erroneously for T2.

Hunter V2 84.26 (Aq), T 85.24 (Aq), A --.

For Arcadius, DO has only one example, 63, Tables 15 and 16, pages 103-4. Thessalonica. It says 383-388, as does RIC.
"To the same date [383] should probably be ascribed a rare AE4 with VICTORIA AVG legend [and this type], which has [a] pellet in the field  ...and the AVG legend distinguishes it from the later AVGGG coinage of the same type."  DO p. 102f.  "During Theodosius' temporary occupation of Thessalonica 383-4, this mint struck coins of Eastern pattern in Arcadius' name." page 102.

Ratto photos, Arcadius 34.

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