Type 55:  AE4.  VICTORIA AVGG(G)
Victory advancing left with wreath and palm, sometimes with christogram in right field
410-423, 425-?c.430  [RIC, p.172, different dates for different emperors.]




AE12-11. 1.15 grams. S in field left, RM below. RIC X 1357, p.338



Honorius  AE11. 6:00. 1.04 grams.  S in field left, RM below.
Honorius  AE12. 6:00. 1.37 grams. S in field left. [RM] below.

Valentinian III:
   AE12. 12:00. 1.52 grams. RIC X 2121. Discussed page 173. Struck c. 430.
Valentinian III  AE12. 5:00. 0.86 grams. S in field left. [RM] below off flan.
Valentinian III, crude  AE12. 1:00. 1.53 grams. Crude legend, much abbreviated.

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