Victory advancing left with wreath and palm.  [The type of SECVRITAS REPVBLICAE (type 6) but the legend FELICITAS ROMANORVM.]
Obverse bust can be right or left.

image reverse    

Image courtesy of John Matsusaka.

Valentinian II or I (see comments below)

Comment:  Extremely rare
Only from Aquileia.

mint RIC Vn G V2
Aq 16 5 3,4 5

RIC photos: G-VII.11 (bust right), G-VII.10 (bust left).
RIC is unclear whether the single example they found with "DN VALENTINIANVS PF AVG" legend is of the first or second Valentinian. It is listed under a time period of the second, but with a special legend more appropriate for the first. It is "R5" and without a photo. The arrangement is not certain. The photo above of an example looks like Valentinian I.

[The bust left type is] "outside the mainstream of currency coinage and marks some special issue."  RIC p. xxxiv

Cayon Vn 111 (0), G-68 (0), V2-60 (0).
Hunter 78.36 (the legend on the left is missing and on the right is very worn -- uncertain. Type 6 is issued from Aquileia so the mintmark alone is insufficient to tell.)
See also LRBC plate II.100


17 mm. 2.24 grams
RIC Aquileia 16b
"R5"  This type is very rare.

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