Ancient imitations of Roman coins of
Elagabalus (AD 218-222) and his family

Elagabalus (AD 218-222) 

AntFIDES  22 mm. 6:00. 5.67 grams.

A remarkable imitation antoninianus. Most "limes" imitations of the Severans are of denarii.
FIDES EXERCITVS, Fides seated left, hoing eagle with standard behind her held in left hand and a second standard in front.
Sear 2.7487 prototype. RIC 70, "Scarce", page 33

Elagabal imitation ant   22 mm. 6:30. 4.45 grams.
The antoninianus, characterized (for men) by the radiate crown, was first issued in AD 215 by Caracalla. it was, of course, counterfeited almost immediately (see Caracalla), although not as frequently as the denarius.
    /IOVI CONSERVATORI, Jupiter standing left with thundrbolt and sceptre, two standards in ground to right.
References:   A hybrid. The obverse legend is in BMC as AD 219 only. The reverse is of the following issue, Elagabal, BMC 138, p. 550, plate 87.18 (219-220).  Also, page 447, "unusual coins" (a) "false" has this reverse but a Caracalla obverse. The reverse type exists for Caracalla as an ant, RIC 301, p. 258.

Elagabal ant  22 mm. 6:00. 4.34 grams.
Excellent portrait and lettering on obverse/reverse silvering mostly gone.
    Another one of the same type!
IMP CAES ANTONINVS AVG/radiate, draped, cuirassed bust right
    /IOVI CONSERVATORI, Jupiter standing left holding thunderbolt, eagle at feet, two standards to right.
A hybrid with prototypes BMC 138 for the reverse, but with an obverse legend from the following period: IMP ANTONINVS AVG. See plate 87.18.  Also, RIC 90 for the reverse.

Elagabal AE denarius  19 mm. 5:30. 1.89 grams (light).
A base denarius in good style, but no trace of silvering.
    /VICTORIA AVG, Victory advancing left, two shields at feet, holding wreath in both hands.
Prototype:  Sear 2133. RIC 161, page 38.  BMC 235, page 565 (2.99 grams), plate 90.11, "undated, 220-222."

Elagrev   base 18 mm. 6:00. 3.34 grams.

ANNONA AVGVSTI, Annona standing left
Some adhesions on the reverse. Excellent style, presumably a cast.
Prototype Sear 2.7503 (no photo there).

Julia Maesa (sister of Julia Domna and grandmother of Elagabalus and Severus Alexander)
Julia Maesa, black   18 mm. 6:30. 2.44 grams.
Black and light, of perfect official style. Is must be a cast, but the edges don't show a seam.
    /IVNO,  Juno standing left holding patera and sceptre, with small peacok at feet
Sear 2081. RIC 256 (under Elagabalus, page 49). BMC (Elag) 68 (has no peacock) plate 68.5 "218-222".

Julia Paula (Married Elagabalus in 219, was divorced the next year)
Julia Paula  19 mm. 6:00. 1.96 grams.
Plated mule.
    /VE[ST]A, Vesta standing left holding palladium and sceptre
This type does not exist officially for Julia Paula. BMC p.555 has a special note, maked "||" that one is in the "Ratto collection, #3650, plated" and the type is not in the BMC. The obverse is as BMC 177, p. 555, plate 88.15.
The reverse type is of Julia Domna (under Caracalla, #29, plate 68.7, page 435, "211-217".  Hill dates it to 213, #1340.

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