Links to sites with ancient coins for sale.
    Contents:  Major fixed-price sites are listed first.  
        Sites with frequent auctions.     
        Sites with links to upcoming major auctions (auction consolidators).
        Fixed-price sites
        Other, smaller, fixed-price sites.
        English and European fixed-price sites.

Sites with many ancient coins for sale:
If you want to buy an ancient coin today and not wait, try these:

vcoins at is the "Ancient Coin Mall" with over 100 dealers and a great search engine. 

    A huge site much like vcoins, but focusing on European dealers.

Forum Ancient Coins, Joe Sermarini
    He also lists some Forum coins on vcoins. His site also has an important discussion board with many topics well-arranged and frequent interesting contributions. This is a major site.

    The most prominent dealer in the US, with major auctions of high quality coins, biweekly electronic auctions, and many high-quality fixed-price coins for sale. It also has a very large searchable database of previous sale results ("Research" on the top middle of the home page), which is a important research tool.

Fixed-price sites, not so large:

Augustus Coins
    also has catalogs and books for sale at

Bargain Bin Ancients

Roman Coin Shop


Some sites have frequent auctions:

CNG Classical Numismatic Group)   with (on the right side of their home page) auctions every two weeks

The auction site associated with vcoins


Agora Auctions:

Jean Elsen & ses Fils    (A large firm in Belgium with regular auctions, e-auctions, and fixed-price coins as well) 

Numismatik Naumann

Naville Numismatics

Harlan J. Berk (He hosts a large buy-or-bid sale of quality on his site and has some, but only a few, fixed-price lots in addition):

Frank Robinson. A few good auctions a year:

Great Collections (slabbed coins, but you can crack them out)

has a "member's free auctions" page with individual items:


****** Major Auction Sites--Consolidators:

Many auctions, including most major upcoming auctions, and increasingly numerous e-auctions of major and minor firms, are listed at

    Still another portal to auctions, many the same as found at sixbid.

The web page you are reading does not list sites of firms with infrequent auctions that would be regularly listed on sixbid or Numisbids or Biddr.

Biddr:   "A live bidding platform that serves as an interface between Auction houses and on-line bidders."

Dea Moneta:

A European site, Catawiki, for auctions of all kinds with numerous coin auctions (They accept credit cards, but do not accept PayPal):    (Unlike most auctions, they have reserve prices--often much above the opening bids-so you can decide on and enter a bid and then be informed it did not meet the reserve.) 


bid inside  (Polish auction consolidator)

    A large auction and fixed-price site with many sellers. Many fixed-price coins are overpriced; some are not.

Fixed-price sites

Augustus Coins
    also has catalogs and books for sale at

Bargain Bin Ancients

Marc Breitsprecher (was Ancient Imports)   (He has a vcoins store, but many more coins for sale here.)

Roman Coin Shop

Nomos (Alan Walker)
    A major auction house in Switzerland (associated with CNG) with only very high-end coins for sale in their "webshop"

Ed Waddell     (another site with only high-end coins

Civitas Galleries   
       (They have a vcoins store too. Sometimes the prices differ.)

Bill Rosenblum
    A long-established dealer specializing in Jewish-related coins. He has auctions, too.

Baldwin's   (specifically for fixed-price ancients)
  London, England. They have major auctions and fixed-price lists. They are one of the most prominent dealers in English coins and they also offer many high-quality ancient coins.

Classical Coins, Dave Welsh

Silvae Coins and Antiques (Beverly Hills, California)

    Many members of this site offer coins for sale. Most are low grade and overpriced by hopeful owners.

Steven Album
     The most prominent dealer in Islamic coins.

Nova Marketing   (many high-quality ancient coins)

Time Line Originals

iNumis (French firm)

Zuzum Judaea

J.B.J Coins, (John Jensen) Copenhagen Denmark.  Oriental (Parthian, Persis, etc.):
    Many Roman and oriental coins:

Rudnik Numismatics
    An awkward site to use (The worst on the web. You have to pick your area of interest from a dropdown list), but with many rare Byzantine coins and many coins in other areas.

Ken Martins Museum Surplus

Persic Gallery
    Parthian, Sasanian, Islamic, etc.

Cerberus Coins (Australia, Cameron Day)

Bob Reis "Anything Anywhere"
   Not often updated

Alexander Basok  "Rusty Pennies"
    An very awkward site to use. You have to click on individual descriptions to see any images.

Sam Slote

Wayne Sayles

Edgar L. Owen

Mullen Coins

Praefectus (John)

Vale Coins (UK)

Pete Burbules (Akropolis Coins)

Poseidon Coin Company (David) 

Ancient Coin Traders (Peter, Australia)

Other sites, apparently of "vest pocket" dealers.

Robert Bernobich
Et Tu Antiquities

Glenn Terry


Other English and European firms:

Roma Numismatics     (A major auction firm with a fixed-price shop with high-end coins)         (A large auction firm in France with a fixed-price shop. They also list on MA-Shops)

A. G. & S. Gillis

Alex. Alter Roemer Kunst & Antiquitaten (Hans Verschoor, in the Netherlands), a site with forums for discussing coins, allows members to post coins for sale. Most are not ancient, but some are:


If you have other sites you like, or you discover broken links, let me know at contact info

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