If you own these books, you will enjoy and use these supplements to them (I printed them and put them in the books):

Seaby series, Roman Provincial Coins by Kevin Butcher   RomanProvincialCoins.pdf
                     Coinage in the Roman World, by Andrew Burnett   CoinageintheRomanWorld.pdf
                     Coinage in the Greek World, by Carradice and Price   CoinageintheGreekWorld.pdf

SNG Danish (Copenhagen) in eight reprint volumes (a map helping you identify the right volume):  SNGCopenhagen.pdf  

BCD Pelopnessos LHS 96 (8-9 May  2006) index (which they did not include in the volume, but wrote after I suggested it):  BCD Peloponnesos.pdf

Celator Index (1988-1998):   celindexpm.pdf  

Index to SAN (1969-2002):

Rarity rankings for Roman persons on coins:  Ras Suraz (author of ERIC II) gave me permission to post his rarity ratings as a pdf: Roman_Ruler_RarityModified2.pdf
It is a summary of his very large database. 

Here is a pdf listing relative frequencies of Romans on provincial coins, compiled by Ras Suarez, the author of ERIC II, from his much smaller database of provincials. 

A link to a short pdf on Latin Pronunciation.   

A list of authorities that issued Greek coins, including all cities. The list has over 2000(!) entries. The list was originally created by Kenneth Steiglitz and served as the original list upon which WildWinds was built.   GreekAuthorities.pdf   I also have it as a "numbers" spreadsheet (for Macs. I can make it Excel compatible.) and if you want it that way, write me and ask for it.  . If you do I will ask you to confirm you will give Ken credit for the original (which you may modify to your own purposes). 

A few Greek legends on coins of Roman Alexandria translated:

An article from Numismatic Chronicle (1993) on "The Alloy of the "XI" coins of Tacitus":  AlloyXI.pdf

About eBay: 

Seeing recently sold items. Did you know, that given a coin of an eBay seller, you can not only "see other items" but from there you can go to the left column of options (below "Categories") where it says "Show only" and select "sold listings" to see recently sold coins. 

Seeing items on sale in Europe.  If you are in the US and you click on "See other items" of a seller in Europe, there can be many coins you do not see until you click on "worldwide" in the "Item location" among the options in the left column. 

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