Articles on Reverse Types in SAN, The Journal of the Society for Ancient Numismatics

which published articles on these types. 

DIVVS     SAN VIII.3, p. 47 begins complete listing. VIII.4, p. 68ff. IX.1, IX.2



CONGIARIA and LIBERALITATES, Cash Distributions to the People, by Carl W. A. Carlson   SAN VI.4 (1972-3), p. 59-63  [A thorough listing of the amounts and dates, as far as is known]

horseman spearing fallen enemy SAN III.1, p.12ff

PRINCIPI IVVENTVTIS "Historical Development of a Roman Coin Type," by Douglas O. Rosenberg. SAN II (1970-1), issue 2, p 34-35 and 39. SAN II, issue 3-4, p. 48-49 and 62 (list of emperors, denominations)

"Some Notes on Coin Issues Commemorating Roman Legions," by Carl W. A. Carlson. SAN III (1971-2), issue 3, p. 51-2. [Lists all imperial issues that mention specific legions, not including coins of Marc Antony.]

VOTA    SAN IV.3, page 43


The above list of SAN articles is very far from complete.


See Coin Types of Imperial Rome by Gnechi and Elmer. A table of stock types and which emperors issued them.