Islamic coin catalogs

Since the 1970s I have been collecting ancient-coin catalogs. Only a few emphasize Islamic coins. They are offered here as one lot:
None of these are spectacular (well, maybe the Soethby's is). But, they have far more Islamic coins than most catalogs.
[$39+$8 shipping, media-mail in the US only]

Leu 56 (1992, Oct. 20) "Islamic Coins, European Coins"

Stephen Album auction 16 (2013, May 17-18)

Steven Album fixed-price list 40 (1985, Feb.) Not many Islamic coins among 8 small page plates.

Spink 138 (1999, Oct. 13) "Islamic Coins" Thin catalog, 439 coins, moslty gold [no copy of the PR]

Stack's "Coins of the Islamic World" (1997, Dec. 2) Thin catalog. 263 lots. Many not photographed. B&W.

Peus 341 (1994, Nov. 3-4) Islamic among many others. 16 page plates of Islamic coins.

MunzZentrum XXXVI (1979, Nov. 7) "Sammlung Konsol Meyer, Teheran, part II" 40 pages of Islamic among 343 pages.

MunzZentrum 62 (1987, Nov. 4) 51 pages of Islamic among 495 pages. 309 Abbasid coins, plus others.

MunzZentrum Kataalog 32, small format, (1980?)  41 of Tarbistan, a few others.

Sotheby's London (1984, April 17) "Islamic Coins" small format. 184 high-quality coins, all photographed in B&W.


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