Augustus and Agrippa, Struck 10 BC - 10 AD at Nemausus (modern Nimes) in Gaul
IMP above, DIVI F below, head of Agrippa left with rostral crown (for naval vistories), laureate head of Augustus right
Crocodile right, chained to palm tree, COL NEM across palm tree.

This city becaume a "colony" before 37 BC and was renamed Colonia Augusta Nemausus in 27 BC when Egyptian veterans from Antony's defeated army were settled there. The crocodile is an obvious reference to the annexation of Egypt in 30 BC after the defeat of Antony and Cleopatra. Grant calls it "the most abundant bronze coinage ever issued by any colonial community in the Roman world." [A Guide to the Ancient World, page 426.]

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