Type 8A, Procopius:  AE3. SECVRITAS REIPVB
Obverse bust right.  Reverse: Emperor standing front, head right, holding standard with +, resting left on shield
In exergue: CONS (?)
Type 8A    18mm. 11:30. 2.69 grams. Constantinople.  RIC --.

    All Procopius images (all types) on one page.
Not listed in RIC, but the ANS has one. Extremely rare.
Confer RIC (Con) 4, page 210, for this reverse type in gold, but with spear instead of the standard, plate XI.6.
Note that this obverse portrait is the style usually seen on AE which is quite unlike the usual style on gold. Therefore this is not a trial strike in copper of a solidus.

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