Type 76:  AE4. monogram of Theodosius II
in wreath
445-450  [RIC]
Only for Theodosius II

Theodosius II, Constantinople.
RIC X, 463, page 277.
Hahn 86, plates 4-5.  Suggests a date of 447.
12-11 mm. 1:00. 1.21 grams.
[This piece is remarkably well-struck and preserved]

RIC X lists five (very minor) varieties of monogram.
mint RIC T2
Con 462,463 R,S
Nic 464,465 4,S
RIC X, page 277. Photos of 462, 463, 465 on plate 18.
"Theodosius's last type. ... comparatively scarce... distinctly larger and heavier, about 1.50 g., than what had gone before ... imitated on a very large scale." RIC page 93.
Hahn (5th Century) "recht selten."

A tiny, but crisp, imitation. AE8 (enlarged to show detail.)  6:00. 0.48 grams.

Cayon T2-47 (2, xx, xx).
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