Type 63:  AE4.  CONCORDIA AVGV (or similar)
Emperor standing facing, holding standard and cross on globe; without star.
Struck 423-425


Theodosius II
13 mm. 1.55 grams
The obverse legend does not allow the
 emperor to be identified, but RIC
 gives the reverse type to
 Theodosius II only.


Only Theodosius II.
RIC 429 "R3" p. 274, plate 18.429.  Only "CONS" (Constantinople) mint and only one variety. Not in Dumbarton Oaks Catalog.
"... most examples ... survive in late hoards in very poor condition." RIC p. 91f.
On this example the "R" in CONCORDIA is rendered like a "V" and the final two letters are uncertain. Does it end "AGA"?
Nevertheless, this reverse is remarkably clear (except for the mintmark being off the flan).
DN THEODO-SIVS PF AVG is the obverse legend according to RIC.

Hahn, Theodosius II, 77, page 63 cites two examples and illustrates them on plates 4-5.
Hunter has no AE of Theodosius II at all.

DO T2-363 plate 14 has this design with legend "VICTORIA AGA" with weak initial part of legend.

In my experience this type is extremely rare.

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