Type 48 images:  AE3.  GLORIA ROMANORVM
3 emperors standing, the middle one (Theodosius II, who was born in 401 and just a small child) smaller. On obverse, star to left of bust.
406-408  [RIC]

Arcadius  Cycicus. 15mm. 12:00. 2.04 grams.


15mm. 6:00. 2.13 grams.
RIC X Arcadius for Honorius 157, Antioch,  page 252.
Honorius,  Cyzicus Cyzicus. 15mm. 12:00. 1.85 grams.
Constantinople  Constantinople. 16-15mm. 12:00. 191 grams.

Theodosius II:
Theodosius II, Alexandria  Alexandria. 15-14mm. 12:00. 1.95 grams (but chipped)

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