Obverse with consular bust left.  [The reverse is the same as type 38, but the flan is a bit larger.]
385  [DO, dated 385 because of the consular bust. p. 108]
Struck for Valentinian II, Theodosius, and Arcadius. Only at Thessalonica. RIC has them all as "Scarce," but I think Theodosius is rare and Valentinian II and Arcadius are very rare.

16 mm. 3.07 grams. 6:00

RIC Thessalonica 59b

[This is the only image.]


mint RIC V2 T A
Thess 59a,b,c S S S

RIC says "scarce" but I say "rare" or "very rare" and seldom offered. From the very small sample of all the coins of this this type offered over the last 30 years, Theodosius examples seems to be the most available.

RIC photo:  V2-X.13.
RIC 384-388. "After the restoration of the mint to Valentinian II," p. 184. There had been a "Temporary occupation of the mint by Theodosius: ?c. 25 Aug. A.D. 383 - ?c. autumn of A.D. 384." p. 183.

RIC p. xxxiv "year of Theodosius's consulship and decennial commemoration."
"refuge of Valentinian II in Thessalonica from Maximus for a few months" Pierce, NC 1934, p. 121.

DO:  For Arcadius, 1 consular piece (AE3, this type) and 2 normal busts (AE4, type 38). Table 18, "Western Coinages, 383-388," page 108. "385".

Cayon V2-61 (1 photo). T--, A--.
Hunter --
Ratto photos, Arcadius 68.


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