Type 34:  AE3.  VIRTVS AVGGG
Emperor on galley left, holding phoenix on globe, Victory at helm.
34    Theodosius, Thessalonica
Only at Thessalonica.
Struck for Valentinian II, Theodosius, and Arcadius.
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mint RIC V2 T A
Th 61 S S S

RIC photo: V2-X.14.
RIC  384-388. "After the restoration of the mint to Valentinian II," p. 184. There had been a "Temporary occupation of the mint by Theodosius: ?c. 25 Aug. A.D. 383 - ?c. autumn of A.D. 384." p. 183.


DO for Arcadius: none. Table 18, "Western Coinages, 383-388," p. 108. "384-388."  [I think the "385" in the table refers only to the consular obverse.]

Cayon, V2-69(0), T-65(0), A-50 (0), A-54 (2 photos).
Hunter --
Ratto, Arcadius, 31


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