Type 24 AE4.  VOT XX MVLT XXX in wreath
378-383 (These are vows of Gratian.)
24    Gratian, Constantinople
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    Note:  Here is a VOT / X / MVLT / XXX variant for Theodosius, type 24A.


mint RIC G V2 T A
Her 20 S R R  
Con 64 3   3  
Cyz 22 S 2 2  
Nic 39 S R R  
Ant 58,66 S,- S,- -,R R,-
Ale 14   3    
No photos in RIC.
RIC Ant 66 for Theodosius is noted as possibly a hybrid, "R". It is dated to the period 383-388, but RIC does not list it for the co-emperors, so it is most likely a mistake.
RIC Ale 14 "confirmation required." p. 301. Cayon  no photos. Gratian 77,79 (0), Valentinian II 80 (0), Theodosius 78 (0), Arcadius --.


Hunter  none


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