Emperor in galley left, Victory at helm.
    Theodosius, Constantinople
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Common for Gratian, Valentinian II, and Theodosius.


mint RIC G V2 T
Sis 32   2 R
Th 44   C C
Her 11 S S C
  21   R C
Con 52 C C C
  79   S C
Cyz 14 S 2 C
  23     C
Nic 25 C C C
  40   S S
Ant 40 S C,S C,C
  59   C,C,S,S C,C,S,S
Ale 6 C R C
RIC photos V2-X.7 (Th), G-XIV.14 (Ant), T-XVI.7 (Cyz).


DO says this type, with "hand of God" obverse, is "irregular for Arcadius" (page 103, Table 15). They have two, 57-58, from Thessalonica. RIC does not have it for Arcadius. On those bases, I call it extremely rare for Arcadius..

Cayon G-61,62 (4 photos, 2 Cyz, 2 Ant); V2-49-51 (4 photos, Her, 2 Ant, Ale); T-54,55 (6 photos, Th, Con, 2 Cyz, Ant, xx).

Hunter G-83.G54 (Ant), V2-84.39 (Con), V2-84.41 (Nic), V2-84.45-46 (Ant), T-85.35 (Con). T-86.45 (Nic), T-86.53 (Ant), T-86.55 (Ant), T-85.67 (Ale).

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